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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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HAIR SALON | DECK 1 VALERIA NASCIMENTO 1962 • BRAZIL • HANDMADE CERAMICS Brazilian artist Valeria Nascimento has a deep affection for and fascination with natural forms, which inspires her delicate, whisper-thin, white ceramics. Her pieces are made from dozens or hundreds of hand-formed ceramic shapes, which are combined into small or large wall-spanning works that take months to assemble. Nascimento has a background as an architect, something that reappears through her repetitive sequences and structures, where tiny individual hand-rolled cones are repeated for many meters, resembling coral reefs, sea anemones, tiny poppy flowers, leaves, petals or pods. Almost as thin as paper, their sharp edges and cool whiteness give the impression of hardness at first, but the creamy off-white shadows cast inside the ceramic hollows instead give off a soft, comforting warmth. SAKURA INSTALLATION | 2018 71