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TRADE SHOWS + EVENTS PRODUCT UPDATES Professional Symposium + Expo The 7 th annual LED professional Symposium +Expo will be taking place from September 26 th to 28 th . Every year, renowned speakers and experts from the areas of research and the lighting industry meet in Bregenz, Austria for a three-day symposium and exhibition where the newest lighting technologies and national lighting industry. This year, the organizers are expecting over 1,600 visitors from 50 countries. In 2017, for the first time, the event Trends in Lighting (TiL), will be running parallel to the LpS. Trends in Lighting is a forum for architects, interior designers, lighting and building be structured around the subject areas of Strategy, Design & Development and Applications & Solutions over three days. The entire event program includes the Opening Ceremony with a Keynote from Dr. Wu Chou, CTO at Huawei, for the conference, the Opening Ceremony for the exhibition, subject oriented lectures, workshops, discussion panels, press conference – which will include product launches – and an evening event aboard the MS Vorarlberg. The exhibition associated with the conference will present the newest products, capital goods and services. The expo offers comprehensive views of everything from components to modules, measuring devices to production machines, and research facilities to test laboratories. Companies like auer Lighting, Arrow, AT&S, Bartenbach, Dow Corning, Instrument Systems, Konica Minolta, Megaman, Merck, Nichia, Plessey, Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor, SwitchTech, TUEV SUED, Vossloh- Schwabe, Wacker Chemie and WAGO will be presenting their market innovations in Bregenz. Every year, LpS brings renowned speakers and experts together to discuss trends in the lighting industry. Lectures, workshops, forums, and discussions about the newest developments took place at LpS 2016. innovations are presented and discussed. The symposium is comprised of a series of lectures, workshops, forums, and discussion panels while the exhibition is filled with the newest technologies components and developments presented by international companies and organizations. The LpS focuses on an expert audience from the areas of Design & Engineering, Quality Assurance, Technical Management, and authorities from the inter- Source: Luger Research e.U. This year, over 1,600 visitors from 50 countries are expected to attend the 7th annual LED Expo. planners, lighting designers, and lighting consultants. TiL will be looking at the subject of transitions in indoor lighting, as well as, covering current trends like Human Centric Lighting, Smart Lighting, and the Internet of Things. LpS 2017 The motto for the LpS 2017 is “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations” which will Source: Luger Research e.U. Source: Luger Research e.U. Trends in Lighting – TiL 2017 Digitalization, communication and new lifestyles change the way we deal with light. These changes necessitate adaptations and improvements to existing light systems and lighting solutions. Completely new concepts are needed due to the rapid developments of LED and OLED technologies and altered implementation profiles. Trends in Lighting is a forum for architects, interior designers, light planners, lighting designers and IT/IoT system integrators, that looks at the newest trends in the lighting industry and takes place parallel to the LpS. Next to the forum the TiL expo, which will be in the Foyer of the Bregenz Opera House, will be presenting highly innovative lighting systems, luminaries, lamps, control systems and fixtures. The motto of this expo is “Smart Trends in Indoor Lighting – from HCL to Luminaries to Internet of Things”. Organizer Luger Research e.U. is the publisher of the LED professional publications, organizer of the LED professional Symposium +Expo and Trends in Lighting events as well as technology and innovation consultant for various international research projects. and 12 EPP EUROPE May 2017

Viscom Technology Forum in June 2017 Up-to-date industry information and a host of opportunities for guests and inspection experts to share experiences are waiting for participants at this year’s Technology Forum on June 21–22 in Hanover. Once again, Viscom will offer a wide range of interesting topics, interesting discussions and first-class entertainment. At last year’s Technology Forum, customers could choose between informative presentations, user-oriented workshops and opportunities to speak with experts on specific topics (Meet the Experts) – as well as tutorials, which were directed primarily towards newcomers. This multi-faceted arrangement has proven itself and so remains unchanged this year. Based on the positive experiences with the innovations in 2016, the company will tailor the individual formats even more closely to participants’ needs. “Value to our visitors very clearly takes center stage,” emphasizes Martina Engelhardt, responsible for the event. She continues, “Whether it’s system operation and optimization of inspection concepts or informing visitors about today‘s se- lection criteria for the most modern inspection systems – we have different offerings directed specifically to answering our guests‘ questions.” While the tutorials mainly introduce visitors to the requirements and possibilities in the areas of solder paste inspection (SPI), automatic optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray inspection (AXI/MXI), in “Meet the Experts” the company’s customers have the chance to extensively discuss even the most complex questions and bring individual solutions back to their own companies. A broad array of topics currently important in quality control will be covered. This year’s topics will include practical solutions in the realm of Industry 4.0, such as standardization of communication between machines or intelligent identification of products in the SMT process. Additionally, there will be no shortage of system demonstrations and presentations that allow visitors to broaden their horizons. Source: Viscom AG Last year‘s Technology Forum in Hanover. As usual, visitors can expect an attractive program with interesting presentations, some going beyond electronics. For example, they can already look forward to an exciting opening talk about “a secret mission,” which will take them to a world most know only from books or films. And – of course – there will be an evening event with entertainment highlights and the opportunity to expand on the day’s impressions through relaxed conversations and to develop new contacts. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4A-122 Source: SEHO Systems GmbH Seho Technology Days in Mexico The premier of the SEHO Technology Days in Guadalajara and Queretaro, two major Mexican centers of electronics production, was a tremendous success. In cooperation with STE Latino America, the company held two rounds of seminars, attended by a great number of users, mainly from the automotive sector. STE Latino America is an expert partner for electronics productions in Mexico with extensive, long-term experience in the relevant processes and SEHO systems engineering. “We know exactly what electronics manufacturers in Mexico require,” explains Guillermo Maldonado, Managing Director of STE Latino America. “Through the framework of the Technology Days, we wanted to offer an opportunity to discuss the current develop- ments with other experts and to find approaches for optimizations in their own production environment.” Exciting lectures and intense discussions addressed everyday requirements in electronics production, but also focused on the latest in system developments and technologies of the future. A focal point of the Technology Days in Mexico were the challenges of high-mix/high-volume production, which is becoming more and more common, especially in the automotive industry. Dr. Andreas Reinhardt, the company’s Director of Research and Development, pointed out that a high product mix and high-volume production need not be mutually exclusive. One of the key aspects to ensure cost-efficient goods at a consistently high quality is top equipment productivity. In cooperation with STE Latino America, SEHO held two rounds of seminars. Hand soldering competition to heat up IPC’s Hand Soldering Competition at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017 will see skilled competitors go soldering iron to soldering iron. Hand soldering of high-density printed boards demands highly skilled operators to ensure a zero-defect soldering process, and this contest – annual competition at SMT Hybrid Packaging – will recognize the best skills in hand soldering complex printed board assemblies. Over three days, participants will compete against each other to build a functional electronics assembly within a 60-minute time limit. Assemblies will be judged on soldering in accordance with IPC-A-610F Class 3 criteria, the speed at which the assembly was produced and overall electrical functionality of the assembly. IPC-A-610 Master Instructors will serve as judges. The winner and two runners-up will each earn cash prizes. In addition, the first-place winner will earn a chance to compete against the best hand soldering technicians from around the world at the World Championship, located in Munich, Germany, this November. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4-400 EPP EUROPE May 2017 13