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Industrie The network of expertise for industry Hungary Focus: Manufacturing Technology at the Speed of Innovation 25th May 2017 9.00 to 17.00 Academy of Sciences Budapest, Hungary Register now! Platform for Information and Networking • Innovation meets Volume Manufacturing • Rapid Prototyping Techniques and accelerated New Product Introduction (NPI) • Connecting Innovation to the Manufacturing Supply Chain • IoM & Industry 4.0 – Getting started • Connected and Collaborative Manufacturing Automation • TQM (Total Quality Management) & Zero- Defect-Strategy as a Competitive Advantage Register online now: Our Partners:

EDITORIAL Advancing towards Industry 4.0 Today, it is imperative to optimize the manufacturing process to ensure high productivity and reliability of all products. Koh Young’s Ksmart Solution provides full-automated process control in real time by communicating all elements together, collecting data from inspection, measurement, quality recognition, and analysis systems. With this solution, defects can be remotely monitored, establishing an efficient manufacturing process, all while minimizing defect rates and costs. The future begins with the ‘Smart Factory’ of today. Ersa! Award winning and patented systems for challenging rework applications. SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017 This year, the international tradeshow and congress for system integrations in microelectronics presents itself with a new layout. Visitors can find numerous highlights in Halls 5, 4, and 4A. This particular orientation of the Halls emphasizes the focal points and value of the show. Simultaneously, PCIM Europe will also take place in Halls 6, 7, and 9. Inspiration. Innovation. Information. Ersa HR 550 product video 2. InnovationsForum Hungary 2017 Electronic manufacturing in Eastern Europe has come a long way towards becoming more innovative, flexible, and agile. Continuing with last year’s success, visitors from the electronics design and manufacturing process will come together this year in Budapest, Hungary, to have heightened discussions about the latest innovations in the industry. This year, keynote speaker and senior executives will give presentations with a focus on manufacturing technology at the speed of innovation. Reflecting changes in manufacturing landscape. LED applications made in Italy In order for an LED module to function properly, converters and drivers are necessary to have a constant input and output voltage. TCI, an Italian specialist in LED applications, with the long-term help of Ersa’s wave soldering equipment, has realized all standard designs and innovative ideas. Continuing with the collaboration with Ersa, the company is making plans to go towards Smart Environment, where lights will be able to control themselves, adapting to external lighting conditions, to eliminate unnecessary electricity costs. 40 % reduction of soldered assembly defects. 16. – 18.05.2017 | Hall 4 | Booth 111 HR 200 Rework out of the box! – Simple and fast desoldering and soldering of SMDs. HR 550 Guided Rework! – For highest requirements in precision and process safety. HR 600/2 One Click Rework! – Automatic desoldering, placement and soldering of SMDs. HR 600/2 VOIDLESS High-end rework system for void-free repair of board assemblies. Source: Tom Oettle Doris Jetter Editor in Chief EPP E w w w . e r s a . c o m