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TITEL systems in the

TITEL systems in the line, and provides analysis data for real-time multiline management, e.g., providing comparison data for each machine and for every line. Machine status for all production lines can be managed from remote locations. Dedicated investment, calculated moves The development and implementation worldwide of the Ksmart Solution is ongoing, and the company has invested significant resources and energies toward furthering its evolution. The company is expanding its R&D centers worldwide, and has invested in new facilities as well as partnered with others in complementary fashion. For example, Koh Young has partnered with Binghamton University’s (SUNY at Binghamton) Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) which has its own Smart Electronics Manufacturing Laboratory, and in South Korea, the Ksmart Solution division collaborates with the KAIST R&D Center to research and develop AI solutions using machine learning and deep learning. Koh Young has also opened an AI Center in San Diego, California as to establish a foundation of AI platforms for manufacturing process optimization. This should not be surprising for an inspection technology leader that has held the position of No.1 in global market share for 11 consecutive years, is No.1 in SPI market share (49 %), and holds 25 % of the total SPI & AOI market share worldwide. The company has 10,000 inspection and measurement machines installed worldwide, an extraordinary figure for the SMT inspection industry. With the continued emergence and development of the Ksmart Solution, pushing the industry forward into Industry 4.0 levels of optimized automation in PCB assembly, this number is only likely to increase. Link@Ksmart. Source: Koh Young Source: Koh Young KPO. Koh Young’s AI centers worldwide. Source: Koh Young Source: Koh Young Zusammenfassung Elektronikhersteller suchen ständig nach besseren Wegen, ihre Fertigungsprozesse zu optimieren, effizient zu überwachen und zu kontrollieren. Die Ksmart-Lösung von Koh Young Technology unterstützt die Kunden, bereits heute eine vollautomatisierte Prozesskontrolle für die Smart Factory von morgen zu erreichen. Automatisierte Steuerung mit Ksmart liefert die immensen Vorteile einer Prozessoptimierung in Echtzeit; Es steigert die Produktivität bei gleichzeitiger Minimierung der Kosten und sorgt letztendlich für ein besseres Ergebnis. Résumé Les fabricants d‘électronique recherchent toujours de meilleures méthodes pour optimiser surveiller et contrôler efficacement les procédés de fabrication. La solution Ksmart de Koh Young Technology aide les clients à obtenir dès à présent un contrôle automatisé pour l‘usine intelligente de demain. La commande automatisée avec Ksmart apporte les avantages énormes d‘une optimisation des processus en temps réel ; la productivité augmente et les coûts diminuent avec un meilleur résultat final. Резюме Производители электроники постоянно ищут более выгодные пути оптимизации процессов производства, обеспечения эффективного контроля и управления ими. Решение Ksmart от Koh Young Technology помогает клиентам уже сегодня гарантировать полностью автоматизированный контроль производственного процесса на перспективных «умных фабриках». Автоматизированная система управления Ksmart предоставляет бесчисленное количество преимуществ оптимизации производственного процесса в реальном времени; она повышает продуктивность при одновременной минимизации расходов, в конечном итоге обеспечивая наилучший результат. 44 EPP EUROPE May 2017

PCB + ASSEMBLY PRODUCT UPDATES Intelligent manufacturing using smart methods With over a decade of specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of thermal profiling equipment for the lead-free electronics industry, SolderStar Ltd will introduce its newest internet based technology, SmartLine, which enables ‘big data’ capture from reflow ovens for intelligent manufacturing requirements. The system was developed to work with the Industry 4.0 / Internet of Manufacturing concept, a principle where machines are connected through intelligent networks that can control each other autonomously to create a Smart Factory. Mark Stansfield, Managing Director of SolderStar, said: “As the requirement for cost reduction in manufacturing is always a hot topic in the industry, and the growing realization that the way to do this is through Smart manufacturing, the importance of using solutions that work with Industry 4.0 is really important.“ In the coming years, the Smart manufacturing concept is set to revolutionize the manufacturing process and the company wanted SmartLine cloud. to be ahead of this trend by ensuring our profiling systems could run efficiently in these conditions. The accessibility to obtain data will only increase and this information and its real-time processing will become one of the most important resources for companies in the future. Real-time monitoring will be key in this transition and that is where SmartLine comes in. SmartLine is essentially a data capture system, which provides a network link and software for streaming live process data from the ovens on the production floor. The system is scalable and provides all the tools for ‘big data’ capture from single test/evaluations lines to full Smart Factories scenarios. “Since introducing the system this year we have received a lot of interest and we hope to grow on this. Especially within the SMT Hybrid Packaging gives us the perfect opportunity to introduce the SmartLine to an audience that will understand just how the capabilities of such a system will help in their future production.” SmartLine captures data from the soldering processes with measurement sensors and interface modules that communicates via IP networks providing data from the SMT line. The system also provides tools for analysis of the captured data-using web based methods via desktop or mobile platforms. These tools provide an immediate insight into the performance of the process, providing engineers with an invaluable insight into the manufacturing environment. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4-441 Source: Solderstar Source: Specialty Coating Systems Compact system automates manual coating and dispensing processes Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) announced that it launched the new PrecisionCoat BT at the IPC APEX Expo at the San Diego Convention Center. Designed for The PrecisionCoat BT applies materials via configurable conformal coating and/or dispense valves (up to two) that move along three axes (x, y and z) with companies looking to automate a command accuracy of their time-intensive manual coating ± 0.0001“ (0.003 mm) and and dispensing processes, or those who would like to have additional coating capacity in their laboratory or on their production floor, the PrecisionCoat BT improves accuracy, productivity and efficiency in a highly reliable, compact unit. ± 0.003“ (0.08 mm) repeatability. Its proprietary Windows-based software platform features a user-friendly interface for ease of programming and system operation. The company offers the most accurate and dependable coating and dispensing systems for applications where protection from dust, chemicals, moisture, shock, and temperature extremes is key. The PrecisionCoat BT applies coatings to substrates in a wide array of industries, including industrial and consumer electronics, medical, military, aerospace, automotive, LED lighting, and more. PrecisionCoat BT applies materials via configurable conformal coating and/or dispense valves. CONTACT TECHNOLOGIES AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL Shanghai Skyline and Contact Probes. Best Contacts worldwide. EPP EUROPE May 2017 45