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EPP Europe P1.2018


COVER SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 show will take place June 5-7, in Halls 4A, 4, and 5. Source: Mesago/Thomas KLerx The heart of the electronic industry in Nuremberg SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 Every year, the electronic manufacturing industry gathers in Nuremberg, Germany, to demonstrate and see new trends, developments, products, and solutions. The SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 show will take place from the 5 th to the 7 th of June, in Halls 4A, 4, and 5. Over 400 international companies will exhibit from the entire value chain, including technology and processes, materials and components, manufacturing equipment, reliability and testing, software and systems, and more. Exhibitors will have the chance to experience the entire production of electronic assemblies, from the beginning idea stage to the end of the final product. Obtain comprehensive knowledge Conferences, lectures, panel discussions, and vendor presentations will also take place. The main focus for the conferences are basics, technologies and processes, reliability, test, analysis, and innovations & trends. English practical training tutorials will also be available throughout the week, which include experiences, case studies, and activities by experts in the industry. There is the possibility to attend 1.5 hour short training courses, or 3 hour long sessions, giving plenty of time for questions and conversation. These cover a variety of topics including, design, assembly, and rework guide on Land Grid Array (LGA) and Quad Flat No-lead (QFN), as well as, failures of Printed Circuit Boards and how it can be fixed. Thermal management concepts and conformal coating technologies will also be addressed. The discussions and presentations will incorporate trending themes that have occurred throughout the electronics industry. These include, micro molding, video simulation, inspection systems, Smart Factory, low temperature soldering, and lead free alloys. Artificial intelligence is also an important topic that will be discussed, as well as, the difficulties of advanced packaging in manufacturing. Highlights and live tours of the show A few highlights will take place this year at the international exhibition and conference for system integration in micro electronics show. There will be a live production line with a guided tour, which is called: “Smart Motion: Intelligent automation for e-mobility and robotics”. Once a day, this future packing line will have an English tour. At the booth 5–434, visitors will be able to experience a live produc- 18 EPP EUROPE May 2018

Source: Doris Jetter tion line that will simulate actual conditions of a production. With over 30 exhibitors participating, viewers will get a firsthand look of the operating process and how the machines effectively work together, as well as be able to ask questions and have discussions with experts. The exhibitors that are part of the line include machine manufacturers, research institutes, component suppliers, and software providers. This highlight is way to show how well the industry can work together in order to achieve Smart Factory and Industry of Things. This particular line is based on an IoT toolkit to find solutions and fulfill all types of needs that clients and customers may have. There will also be a hand soldering competition, where the 1st place winner will win a cash prize, as well as, have a chance to compete in the World HSC Championship in San Diego, California in 2019. This competition is for manual soldering experts to compete against one another based on their soldering skill, speed, and precision on complex print circuit boards. This year, the show will also introduce for the first time a hand soldering competition for beginners. Competitors will be judged based on the same qualifications as the expert competition, however the test will be adapted to a level for beginners. The last highlight for this year’s show is the joint stands, which includes 4 groups with different topics covered in each. The groups are divided into following categories. The first is the “Mixed Double -- PCB meet components”, which is located in the special interest area in Hall 5. Five companies will display products and solutions for the PCB industry, including circuit boards, modules, and materials. The second is “Optics meets electronics”, which is aimed towards optoelectronics products and solutions. At Booth 4A-410, three exhibitors will focus on automotive communications, optical sensors, analysis and detection, and process management. The third is “EMS intersection”, which is mainly for contract manufacturers. At Booth 5–223, eight companies will focus on hardware and software for electronic design and development, repair services, THT assemblies, and more. The last is the “Newcomer Pavilion”, which was introduced for the first time at last year’s show. Five companies will display their products and solutions in Booth 4–429. Only available for first time exhibitors, it gives great benefits, Over 400 international companies will be exhibiting new products and solutions this year. Source: Doris Jetter Have an interview at Booth 4-140 with us, set up an appointment today! including being introduced to the show and having great networking opportunities with the industry. Simultaneous show PCIM Europe will also take place simultaneously in Halls 6, 7, and 9. This show focuses on power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. Taking place in three exhibition halls, visitors will get a glimpse of trends and innovations on power semiconductors and components. This includes thermal management technologies, sensors, e-mobility applications, and more. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello at the EPP and EPP Europe Booth 4–140. We will also be conducting interviews with the experts of the industry over trends, new products and innovations, and more. If you would like you and your company to take part, sign up here for a free interview in English or German: http://interview. EPP EUROPE May 2018 19