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EPP Europe P1.2018

Content 05 2018

Content 05 2018 European Magazine for Production and Test in the Electronics Industry Cover The heart of the electronic industry Source: Ersa GmbH 36 Assistance systems support staff in decisionmaking and permit access to data and information. The SMT Hybrid Packaging show will take place from June 5 th to the 7 th in Nuremberg, Germany. As new trends, including Smart Factory, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0, have become more popular, new challenges and technologies have surfaced and been brought to a new level. With the help of over 400 exhibitors, the entire value chain with solutions to these challenges will be discussed. This includes technology and processes, materials and components, manufacturing equipment, reliability and testing, and more. News + Highlights 6 Succeeding in today’s fast changing market Heraeus’ tips on how to stay innovative and competitive 8 Opening of new location in Kelsterbach, Germany Fuji Machine MFG. (Europe) GmbH has new building and name 9 Expanding fluid options for electronics applications Nordson Asymtek acquired dispensing and dosing products 9 Electrical engineer moves up the ladder KIC appoints a new R&D manager Source: Nordson Select Source: Göpel electronic GmbH 4 EPP EUROPE May 2018 42 Production can benefit from a parallel soldering where 2 boards are simultaneously soldered. 70 Press-in connectors are being used for components, which means quality inspection is required. Trade Shows + Events 10 100 years of experience Connecting to the factory of tomorrow (Panasonic) 12 IPC Apex Expo 2018 Speed in which the industry is changing 14 Revolutionized lighting design at LED expositions LpS and TiL discusses the evolution of the lighting industry 14 Supporting college students at GCSU career day TopLine offers internships to young individuals 15 Succeed at the velocity of technology Electronic professionals exhibit innovations at IPC‘s event 16 Electronic industry continues to thrive productronica 2017 was a hit 18 SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 System integration in micro electronics PCB + Assembly Features 32 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 34 Digitalisation in programming soldering systems Added value with assistance systems (Ersa) 37 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 38 Handling high-density boards with exotic components Future investment for the “right kind of business” (Europlacer) 40 Implementing high-volume selective soldering Dealing with mixed PCBAs (Nordson Select) 42 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 44 Automating all areas in the production of sensors Optimizing material flow for efficient processes (ASM)

Source: .Mesago/Thomas KLerx 18 47 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 48 Quality management based on quality assurance Zero-fault production in soldering processes (Seho) 52 Colour temperature and heat of LED assemblies Controlling the cold-light shift effect (Lackwerke Peters) 54 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 56 Environmentally-friendly disposal of solder waste Ecological and economical mode of disposal (MTM) 58 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 60 Resistance welding electrodes for perfect joint Ensuring optimum current transfer (Wolfram) 62 Precise dip tinning at high temperatures Soldering and handling soldering tasks (Zevatron) Packaging Features 64 Product-Updates Packaging Test + Quality Assurance Features 66 The ‘Golden Hour’ in the assembly line Additional features to solder paste inspection (Koh Young) 68 Product-Updates Test + Quality Assurance 70 3D assembly inspection of press-in contacts Deeper insights: quality of the signal transmission (Göpel) 73 Product-Updates Test + Quality Assurance 74 Inline inspection system for product safety industries Versatility with high-throughput x-ray (Viscom) 78 Product-Updates Test + Quality Assurance 80 Insight into the inside: x-ray inspection of solder quality Power semiconductor devices in production line (Nikon) Columns 3 Editorial 4 Content 82 Imprint/List of advertisers EPP EUROPE May 2018 5