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EPP Europe P1.2018


PCB + ASSEMBLY PRODUCT UPDATES Connecting to live show floor demonstration Aegis Software, a provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) unveiled their quality management capabilities, that compliments the company‘s FactoryLogix existing Incoming & In-Process quality assurance capabilities, to now deliver administrative quality management capabilities to drive a culture of continuous process and improvement. The company showcased this capability, as well as, participated in the live demonstration of the IPC CFX factory data exchange standard. The FactoryLogix platform has long provided manufacturers the best method for managing and reporting upon quality, repair, test, diagnostics and incoming materials inspection. At Apex 2018, this in-process quality management solution extended to enterprise-wide Administrative Quality, enabling manufacturers to take total control of the business processes that occur as result of non-conformances on the factory floor. A total solution covering Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA), Material Review Board (MRB), and Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) completes the shop-floor nonconformance and incoming inspection quality components already inherent in FactoryLogix. Together, they comprise the most complete single-platform quality management solution available for electronics manufacturers to increase quality outcomes at a lower cost. It also en- Source: Aegis Software Aegis connected their FactoryLogix Platform to the first, standards-based, live show-floor demonstration of the IPC CFX Internet of Things Standard. sures requirements are met and improves customer satisfaction. “Manufacturers on the FactoryLogix platform can now detect and correct quality problems at the loading docks and through the process itself, but also manage and trace the business processes that arise from those problems. They can now fully automate continuous improvement and preventive actions,” stated Jason Spera, CEO. “This ‘administrative quality’ capability brings uniformity and enforcement to the actions that must be taken to ensure mistakes are never repeated and processes actually improve over time. Further, this large system greatly simplifies and improves outcomes in quality audits, ISO compliance, and customer satisfaction and relationship management.” Also at the show, the company participated in the live demonstration of the IPC CFX factory data exchange standard that enabled visitors to monitor machines and devices in real-time across more than 15 different vendors – on their own mobile devices – simply by scanning a QR code when entering the show floor. The company‘s platform was connected to the shop-floor CFX network, which showed the power of this free, open and true IoT standard for the industry, and the already widespread incorporation of it within devices and machines in the industry. The holistic and modular platform delivers leading-edge technology with easily configurable modules to support and execute a manufacturer’s strategy towards Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix manages the manufacturing lifecycle: from product launch to material logistics, through manufacturing execution, to analytics and real-time dashboards. This end-to-end platform helps companies accelerate product introductions, streamline processes, improve quality and traceability, reduce costs and gain greater visibility for competitive advantage and profitability. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4-150 Technology line program with a 2-channel soldering station Weller presented the WT 2M soldering station for high-performance soldering. It incorporates 2 independent channels for 2 irons adding up to a maximum of 150 watts of power. Besides many standard tools, the company’s Microtools can be run with this station. WMRP soldering iron and WMRT desoldering tweezers are fitted with cartridge tips. The tips can be changed quickly and easily without any additional tools and guarantees good soldering results. Not only is the station easy to operate, but it reduces the environmental impact and improves cost-effectiveness due to its energy saving properties. The multifunctional LC display provides a detailed overview of all functions. It features clearly arranged graphics that make it possible to understand setting parameters of both channels. The control panel on the front is distinctive and offers an uncluttered and particularly clear design. All of the important operating elements are placed on the front. The menu button ensures instant access allowing users to navigate through the menu structure easily. The 90 watt soldering iron is unique on the market because it is an active soldering system with replaceable, passive, high-performance soldering tips. The soldering iron combines the cost-effectiveness of a passive soldering system with the design and ergonomics of an active one. The lightweight and slim soldering iron has a soft rubber grip and a thin silicone cable offering ease of use and is beautifully ergonomic. Innovative 2-in-1 safety rest WSR The option of switching the safety rest between dry and wet cleaning is an innovative feature. It can be lifted and turned through 180° allowing the user to choose between The WT 2M soldering station is not only easy to operate, but it also reduces the environmental impact and improves cost-effectiveness due to its energy saving properties. sponge and dry cleaner. The high-quality cast base material increases the stability. The soldering tips can be stored safely at the safety rest. It is also possible to attach several WSR next to one another. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4–102 Source: Weller Tools GmbH 42 EPP EUROPE May 2018

Source: Kyzen Comprehensive data reporting platform with real-time access Kyzen has introduced a Cleaning IQ Test at the 2018 IPC Apex Expo. Inspired by the company’s commitment to education and technical support, it was easy to test knowledge at the show. All participants received a reward for their skills. “The company loves to make technical learning friendly, fun and efficient,” said Sherry Stepp, Global Segment Leader for Electronic Manufacturing. “It is part of our commitment to constantly improve cleaning process performance through the convergence of Science and Care.” The company provides a range of products and technical services that increase reliability and productivity for manufacturers around the world. The Analyst Data Services was also showcased. It delivers real-time access, traceability and advanced data analytics in a user-friendly customizable dashboard, complete with alerts. This service is a comprehensive data reporting platform that is fully integrated with the company’s PCS. Standing at the production line or manually logging data is no longer needed. It gives access to data, including historic trending data, from multiple production sites in one secure location. This includes being able to quickly compare performance across different production sites. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4A-536 The Analyst Data Service delivers real-time access, traceability and advanced analytics in one comprehensive platform. Most thermally efficient and cost-effective MCPCB enters lighting market LED thermal management innovator Cambridge Nanotherm launched Nanotherm MCPCB — a thermally-efficient and cost-effective metal-clad PCB. Due to a recent technological breakthrough regarding the company’s patented electro-chemical process, which creates a 20 μ-thick dielectric layer of alumina atomically bonded to the aluminium board, they have been able to drive down the cost of the metalclad PCB, which is available to customers at a lower cost but better efficiency. The MCPCB offers a thermal efficiency of 120 W/mK, offering designers better than 56 % of the thermal conductivity of an aluminium plate. It also offers a robust stability at an operating temperature of 130 °C, and is lead-free solder compatible and ROHS and UL recognised. This price reduction brings the company’s ceramicised aluminium boards, which used to be only affordable for high-power applications, within the range of all general lighting applications. The Sales and Marketing Director Mike Edwards said: “The fact that our Nanotherm MCPCB is now available to the general Nanotherm MCPCB offers electronics designers better than 56 % of the thermal conductivity of an aluminium plate. lighting market is testament to the hard work and research our scientists have put in over the past three years. One of our greatest strengths is that we can easily ‘swap in’ our thermal management technology to customers’ existing MCPCB machining processes, but we are particularly dominant when it comes to integrating CSP designs into tuneable white solutions. Where a company may have previously used a traditional MCPCB, now they can use Cambridge Nanotherm’s technology, gaining greater thermal efficiency at a lower price, with no costly retooling and minimum integration effort.” MCPCB is available for prototyping and mass production orders. Source: Cambridge Nanotherm Powerful and Compact The LPKF MicroLine 2000 Ci sets new standards in laser cutting of rigid, flexible and flex-rigid circuit boards. Discover the new benefits of using lasers. Find out more: SMT: 5 – 7 June 2018, Hall 5, Booth 434B EPP EUROPE May 2018 43