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EPP Europe P1.2018


PCB + ASSEMBLY To simplify these processes, the company agreed with its component suppliers on a special barcode labelling system. When component reels arrive, they are recorded with a MODI scanner, and a unique ID is assigned. Source: ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG In the setup preparation area, the ASM Material Setup Assistant guides operators step-by-step through the preparation process with the help of the feeder LEDs. Once all newly set-up feeders and those from the active feeder pool are in their proper locations, the ASM Setup Center software verifies the setup, and the finalized changeover tables, after a final setup control with Siplace Setup Center, are rolled to their respective machines. Machines report material consumption automatically “Our Siplace placement solutions record all material movement and consumption details during the production and report the information to the Material Manager,” says Michel Wucher about another benefit of the smart workflow. The ASM Line Monitor creates an additional level of transparency, because it displays on large monitors above the lines which feeders are about to run empty. And thanks to the smart material logistics system, fresh supplies have already been moved to the respective lines. This enables operators to splice reels before a line stop occurs. Smart material management pays off “The multi-line integration of smart material flow solutions such as the ASM’s Material Manager, Material Setup Assistant, Kardex automatic storage systems and Modi have paid off for us,” reports Michel Wucher. Concrete improvements include space savings of over 30 % in material logistics and setup preparation, and 30 % faster warehousing and retrieval procedures. All-in-all, optimizing the workflow via software has cut the time requirements for setup preparation operations in half – a significant gain in efficiency and flexibility for the sensor manufacturer. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4–309; 4–309A; 4A-230; Zusammenfassung Ein Hersteller von Füllstands- und Druckmesstechnik für die Prozessindustrie produziert sämtliche Elektronik für die Messgeräte im eigenen Haus auf drei SMT-Linien mit ASM-Lösungen. Der Artikel zeigt auf, wie durch die enge Zusammenarbeit beider Unternehmen der komplette Prozess durch einen optimierten Materialfluss erheblich verbessert werden konnte. Résumé Un fabricant de technologie de mesure de niveau et de pression pour l‘industrie des procédés, produit en interne toute l‘électronique pour les appareils de mesure, sur trois lignes CMS avec les solutions d’ASM. L‘article d‘écrit comment la coopération entre les deux entreprises a considérablement amélioré l‘ensemble du processus, grâce à un flux de matériaux optimisé. Резюме Производитель оборудования для измерения уровня и давления в промышленности с непрерывными технологическими процессами производит всю электронную начинку измерительных приборов самостоятельно на трех линия поверхностного монтажа с применением решений ASM. В статье рассказывается, каким образом тесное сотрудничество между обеими компаниями помогло оптимизировать весь процесс за счет улучшения движения материалов. 46 EPP EUROPE May 2018

PRODUCT UPDATES PCB + ASSEMBLY Flexible adhesive for hard to bond plastics with light curing capability Panacol has developed an extremely flexible adhesive, which adheres particularly well to hard to bond plastics including Peek: Vitralit UV 4802 is a one-component acrylic system that cures very fast when exposed to light. This light curing adhesive is based on acrylate resin, which features excellent adhesion to many plastics, such as Peek, Pen and TPU, which are typically hard to bond with conventional adhesives. This adhesive also adheres very well to ceramics and glass. Vitralit UV 4802 is highly resistant to heat: tests have shown that the adhesive keeps its soft and flexible characteristics even after being exposed to temperatures of 150 °C for seven days. Thanks to its high flexibility, it is perfectly suited for bonding thin and bendable materials. This light curing adhesive adheres well to ceramics, glass, and many plastics. This adhesive is of pink color and cures within seconds under a UV or visible light source. Both gas discharge lamps and LEDs, like the LED Spot 100 from Hoenle, are suitable for curing. Once cured, the adhesive fluoresces which enables inspection of the bond line under black light. Source: Panacol-Elosol GmbH Cleaning machine improves surface area adhesion Anda Technologies USA, Inc., a provider of fluid application and custom design manufacturing equipment, announced that its technologically advanced atmospheric plasma treatment cleaning machine, the AP-460, removes all impurities and contaminants (including dust, grease and dirt, as well as static electricity), improving surface area adhesion. The unique, high-speed AP-460 is a low-cost, in-line machine that boasts a sleek exterior with integrated aluminum frame, and can help achieve higher productivity. It is equipped with IPC + motion control card and Windows 7 OS, as well as two programming modes to meet various needs. The company offers precision coating, high-speed dispensing, plasma cleaning, high-precision Source: Anda Technologies USA, Inc. laminating and customized dispensing solutions. They serve the PCBA, 3D glass, camera module, CCM, fingerprint module and semiconductor industries. The AP-460 cleaning machine removes dust, grease and dirt, and static electricity. EPP EUROPE May 2018 47