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NEWS + HIGHLIGHTS Source: EMA Design Automation The hitchhiker‘s guide to PCB design book Now available in hardcopy, the eBook helps engineers to fully understand the design process of PCBs. EMA Design Automation, a provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, announced the availability of The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to PCB Design – a resource to empower engineers with the knowledge needed to understand the complexities of the PCB design process – in hardcopy. “We‘ve had a number of people request printed copies of the eBook, including educational institutions who want to use it as part of their classroom training,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO. “The eBook was optimized to be read on electronic devices and has been extremely popular, and The book includes real actionable tips from industry professionals, detailed graphics, additional resources, and more. now by creating a printed version we are providing a professional piece of reference material that can be carried around and used anywhere.” The book is a play off the original Douglas Adams novel and offers a fun foray into the PCB design and manufacturing process. It takes the reader on the journey of Ian, a new EE getting his footing in PCB design. In his first project, he makes some major mistakes causing him to produce a design that cannot be manufactured. However, due to the input and advice of industry veterans, Ian is given a crash course on how to design a successful, Source: EMA Design Automation manufacturable board and assembly. With over 100 pages of actionable tips from experienced professionals and checklists, detailed graphics, and links to additional resources, engineers are provided with the knowledge needed for design success, no matter what CAD software they may use. It helps engineers learn how to identify and communicate effectively with key stakeholders, set up a successful design workflow, and avoid design missteps, including: • How to create a robust and manufacturable PCB layout beyond routing the rats • Who the project stakeholders are and why their involvement is essential • Why it‘s important to incorporate DFX (Design for Excellence) and all topics it covers • The need-to-know design best practices “I wish I had this book when I first started. I understood the tools, but in the end, I did not understand what I needed to do, in what order, or the proper flow. This book fills in the gaps, which I experienced at the start of my career,” said Theodor Iacob, schematic expert. The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to PCB Design is something every person interested in PCB design should have. The hardcover book is available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. PCB Jumpers and Spacers product guide TopLine announces the publishing of its PCB Jumpers and Spacers product guide 2019-A. Quick to navigate, comprehensive and well-illustrated, this easy-to-use guide of nearly 50 pages is a complete reference tool for engineers seeking SMT-solderable PCB design solutions in Zero Ohm Jumpers, PCB Spacers, Space Fillers, and more. It is available online, in print, and as a downloadable PDF. “Find it Fast” quick-reference illustrated charts make finding different classifications of product a snap, for a range of product groups including PCB Spacers, Isolated Space Fillers, MELF Series PCB Jumpers, and more. Images and page references point the way to learning more, all completely and logically organized. The company’s Jumpers, Spacers and Space Fillers are SMT solderable just like regular components. The company has manufactured a wide range of Zero Ohm Jumpers, non-conductive spacers and PCB space fillers since 1989. Zero Ohm Jumpers conduct current above and around traces on the board. Jumpers can be used instead of regular components. They are available in a wide assortment of devices including SOD, SOT, QFN, QFP, and BGA. Custom configurations are available. Non-conductive Spacers are insulative and Source: TopLine The PCB Jumpers and Spacers product guide 2019-A is available online, in print, and as a downloadable PDF. prevent adjacent PC Boards from touching one other. They can also be used to prevent a heavy component from sagging. Spacers are SMT solderable. Space fillers are insulative and empty component packages that look like normal devices but solder to the PC board like normal components. They are electrically isolated without internal connects, and thus will not alter the current flow on the PCB. Use space fillers to cover an empty pad or spot on the PCB. Isolated Spacers and Space Fillers do not conduct current. They are electrically isolated and non-conductive. Jumpers, Spacers and Space Fillers are packaged like ordinary devices on tape and reel, in tubes or in trays. The product guide illustrations include schematics, package outlines with perspective views, PCB patterns, and more, including charts of the Part Numbering System(s). 16 EPP EUROPE April 2019

Data with MES i4.0 solution Manager for research and development KIC announces its partnership with iTAC Software AG. The integration of smart Reflow Process Inspection (RPI) data analytics into the iTAC.MES.Suite ensures process control and traceability of the thermal process in the oven, previously referred to as the “black box” machine in the production line. This partnership creates new customer value for the entire production line, by providing process transparency, traceability, consistent quality and reduced costs through a new level of connectivity and automation. With the connection to the RPI data analytics, real-time insight is provided into the reflow process to help factories run their production more effectively by reducing setup and changeover time, faster yield troubleshooting, and reduction in scrap and rework. “With KIC’s technology expertise, we have gained another market leader as a partner to more effectively assist our customers with implementation and offering future-proof solutions with high-added value,” said Peter Bollinger, CEO. KIC’s Global Products and Technologies Manager, Miles Moreau added, “Moving toward smart factory manufacturing requires that no area is skipped over, which has been the case for reflow in the past. Now, the highest level of equipment utilization, product quality, and profitability can be reached with the partnership, leveraging the best in MES solutions with smart oven technologies.” SMTconnect, Booth 4-230, Since February 1, 2019, the research and development department at Rehm Thermal Systems, a manufacturer of thermal system solutions, has had a new manager: Dr. Paul Wild. He takes over as department head from Dr. Hans Bell, who has led the research and development department for nearly 20 years and will retire in 2020. Dr. Wild has worked for the company since 2014. The previous deputy, Dr. Paul Wild, experienced and technologically well-versed, now takes over the management of the development department. „Over the last few years, I have been able to familiarize myself with many aspects of the R&D department and accumulate valuable experience. I quickly got involved in the existing development processes and worked with my scientific expertise to expand R&D,” he says. His predecessor’s three key pillars of research and development at the company will remain the focus for the future: Research projects with institutes and industrial project partners, technological cooperation with customers, but above all internal research and development projects. After nearly 20 years as head of the research and development department, Dr Hans Bell will continue to work in research and development until he retires in 2020, passing on his experience and know-how to assist the new manager in meeting challenges. „I have great confidence for the future, because the department is in very good hands,“ he says. “Paul Wild has a gift for talking with people, Dr. Paul Wild is now the new manager for the R&D department at Rehm. listening to them and leading creative conversations.” He has always felt comfortable „in and with the entire team,“ says Dr Bell. „It‘s a good relationship that is perfectly goaloriented. For that I’m very thankful.” To this day, Dr. Bell values the work with the customers and project partners of the company: „It is important to maintain a balance between our own development and technological know-how transfer in cooperation with partners.” There’s one thing that makes him prouder than any other: the integration of young people into the company. „Be it students or school pupils who completed internships or undertaking graduate study in development – many have stayed with Rehm to this day. It shows that the company has a really great appeal.” SMTconnect, Booth 4A-100 Source: Rehm Thermal Systems 19045 | | Photos: AdobeStock, sdecoret Find out more: Discover and discuss exciting applications and future developments of x-ray technologies at the international conference CARAT. May 21 – 22, 2019 in Nuremberg Alternative Sources | Specialized Technologies EPP EUROPE April 2019 17 Medical Applications | Non Destructive Testing