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EPP Europe P1.2019

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TRADE SHOWS + EVENTS 1. LED meets SMT forum Significance of LEDs in the electronic industry The industry of LEDs has grown exponentially, due to its high durability, long service life, as well as, distinct capabilities in versatile applications. In order to ensure the high-quality production of LEDs, the manufacturing process needs to follow updated trends, requirements, and proficient methods. Depending on individual processes, the material used (solder paste, solder pad, etc.) is of high importance, which also correlates to the methods applied for component placement, soldering, and inspection. Due to this shift in the industry, EPP hosted the LED meets SMT forum in collaboration with Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH for the first time. Source: Michael Vogl The entire manufacturing of LEDs was covered, including topics such as thermal conductive, material positioning, soldering processes, and inspection. In collaboration with Osram Opto Semiconductors, the event discussed the implications the electronics industry has on LEDs. Source: Michael Vogl Source: Michael Vogl (From left to right) Dr. Hans Bell (Rehm Thermal Systems), Kurt-Jürgen Lang (Keynote/ Osram Opto Semiconductors), Wolfgang Runte (Koh Young Europe), Ferdinand Lutschounig (AT&S AG), Norbert Heilmann (ASM Assembly Systems), Harald Grumm (Ersa), Jörg Trodler (Heraeus Deutschland), Andreas Gladis (Viscom AG), Axel Wolff (Asscon) Taking place in Regensburg, Germany, visitors gained knowledge on solutions to manufacturing challenges, as experts discussed the implications the electronics industry has on LEDs. Participating companies included AT&S AG, Heraeus Deutschland, Ersa, ASM Assembly Systems, Asscon Systemtechnik-Elektronik, Koh Young Europe, Rehm Thermal Systems, and Viscom AG. The all-day German event consisted of technical presentations made by industry leaders with a keynote presentation from Osram Opto Semiconductors, as well as, networking opportunities. The entire manufacturing of LEDs was covered, including topics such as thermal conductive, material positioning, optimal soldering processes, and quality inspection. Visitors were given the chance to participate in a tour of Osram’s SMT laboratory, complete with a LED line assembly, which consists of a printer, placement system, vacuum reflow soldering oven, as well as, inspection systems. Keeping up with LED trends As this industry continues to grow, design difficulties are arising along with changes in production needs. LED manufacturing requires high assembly accuracy, nearly free of voids, as well as, attention to thermal resistance. Optical impairment of the LED is also probable, where cracks and breaks in bond wire or a chip offset can occur. Correct heat dissipation is becoming a challenge with miniaturization trends and overloaded boards. This can create an overheating of components, and ultimately impact the product life. Which is also a cause to pay attention to the design of PCB, solder pads, as well as, the type of paste. Advantages of different soldering methods were discussed, depending on specific processes. Whether using vapor phase, vacuum, or convection reflow technologies, all agreed that the goal is to have an oxidation-free process for void-free results. Solder paste was also analyzed, including the optimum amount of paste and its volume that would be needed to accomplish the best bonding results. Chip placement, as well as, solder pad design and size were also common topics, explaining the best solutions to overcome any thermal issues. A variety of inspection tools were presented, to ensure solder pads, beads, pores, as well as, partially or completely concealed solder joints were visible. It is sufficient to inspect visible joints with 2D technology but was recommended to use 3D inspection for any hidden joints. It was also advised to invest in error prevention tools, in order to regularly improve processes. The 2 nd LED meets SMT forum will take place October 24 th , 2019 in Regensburg, Germany. (cp) 26 EPP EUROPE April 2019

productronica Fast Forward platform for start-ups The innovation leaps in electronics are getting bigger and bigger, the cycles shorter and shorter. Start-ups and new players, in particular, are attracting attention. Together with Elektor, productronica offers a platform that brings together their ideas and prototypes with an international specialist audience. Companies can become involved as a sponsor—and benefit from that involvement. Innovators don‘t always have it easy: As a start-up or new company, they must gain a foothold in an agile business, sustainably establish their development and develop it in line with the market conditions. And that preferably on an international level right away. On the other hand, companies willing to support or interested in cooperation do not have an easy time: They must be able to recognize among the multitude of innovations what is only a short-term trend and what is a promising development. Fast Forward offers the following benefits to innovators: • productronica Fast Forward Award • productronica Fast Forward Booth • productronica Fast Forward Forum Sponsors benefit from positive marketing and image effects There are many marketing benefits that come with being a sponsor of Fast Forward. Moreover, companies position themselves as an innovation promoter and start-up supporter of the global electronic manufacturing industry. There are four sponsor packages that are available. However, the sponsorships are limited. productronica Fast Forward—the Award Which founder or developer can win over the jury with their innovative idea in a 5-minute pitch and bring home the award? Who is eligible to enter? National and international start-ups, that • have been on the market for less than six years. • have tangible products and prototypes that are reflected in the nomenclature. • have developed a scalable business model and a detailed business plan. • are looking for suitable financing and the corresponding funds. The prizes • First prize: A marketing package worth EUR 25,000.00 from Elektor International Media including a trade fair stand at productronica 2021. • Second prize: A media campaign by Elektor with a total value of EUR 15,000.00. • Third prize: A media campaign by Elektor with a total value of EUR 5,000.00. Participation deadline is October 1, 2019. productronica Fast Forward—the Booth The start-up platform is a joint stand in the middle of the trade fair. Participants have a chance to present their innovations to more than 250,000 Elektor community members, as well as 45,000 estimated productronica 2019 visitors. The stand space will be given to the participants at a reduced price. productronica Fast Forward —the Forum The forum provides founders, developers and established companies with an ideal opportunity to make contacts and jointly promote Elektor and productronica will offer a platform for Start-ups that brings together their ideas and prototypes with an international specialist audience. forward-looking projects. The forum also hosts pitches, lectures and workshops. The program at a glance: Discover new business ideas: Are you an established company looking for fresh ideas for your business? Be there when creative minds present their ideas, prototypes and start-ups at the forum, which are evaluated by the jury. Here you have the opportunity to discover innovations from all over the world at an early stage. Consulting for young entrepreneurs: Get advice from experienced experts at the forum. In addition to the exchange with other founders and entrepreneurs, business angels and investors give valuable tips. What do the first steps of a company depend on? How is financing secured and what do I have to consider as a start-up? Listen to our presentations. Trends and interesting facts: What are the cultural differences between Old Economy and New Economy? How do they affect the cooperation between start-ups and corporations? What are the preferences of up-andcoming talent? Lectures in the forum will shed light on current trends and questions.; Source: Messe München Exhibiting companies earn 2019 Innovation Awards IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced the winners of the this year‘s Innovation Awards at Apex, a celebration of forward thinkers who are changing the technological landscape of the electronics industry. A panel rated each product on: How innovative it is? How is it changing the manufacturing industry? What value will customers experience with this new product? The awards were presented to: • GreenSource Fabrication LLC for their PCB fabrication facility, the only fully automated and „green“ fabricator. • Meyer Burger (Netherlands) BV for an inkjet printer for PCB soldermask. It com- bines a dedicated production inkjet printing system based on their product line and Agfa’s unique DiPaMat solder mask ink. • Nordson Dage for Explorer one, an entry level, operator controlled, manual X-ray inspection (MXI) system for checking the quality in electronics assemblies. Open or bridged solder connections, BGA reflow quality and voiding can be checked easily. • Henkel Corporation for its Loctite Eccobond UF 1173, an underfill that can withstand harsh environments and the elevated operating temperatures inherent with smaller, higher-functioning devices. • Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. for its DFM Expert v5, a 3D DFA/DFM solution for electronics manufacturing. “The awards allow us to celebrate the innovators who are changing the technological landscape of the electronics industry,” said John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “This year, product and service submissions were certainly innovative, and the companies did an exceptional job in identifying their product’s unique value in the industry. They directly indicate the strength of the electronics industry and its ability to respond to new challenges resulting from emerging technologies in the electronics marketplace,” Mitchell added. EPP EUROPE April 2019 27