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EPP Europe P1.2019

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EDITORIAL SMTconnect 2019 As of this year, the well-established industry show, formerly known as SMT Hybrid Packaging, has received a new name, SMTconnect. It focuses on current challenges in the microelectronics industry and will for the first time target electronic manufacturing services, as well. The exhibition is set to take place in Nuremberg, Germany, from May 7–9, 2019. Stop by and visit our booth 4-140. A connected Smart Factory inspection Not all PCBA failures can be easily spotted, especially with increasing trends, including miniaturization, causing PCB density and complexity. Additional smart verification strategies should be added to AOI and AXI solutions, in order to increase production yield and reduce manufacturing costs.·To compensate for certain limitations, connecting an at-line X-ray system will create an additional high-end sensor. Combining brainpower and algorithms. Faster innovative line concept An EMS provider that is known for complex product designs has added an SMT production line, which consists of a stencil printer and three placement machines. This not only increased flexibility to their manufacturing, but also delivered high precision and reliability. Other benefits included simple programming capabilities with an easy user interface, high feeder capacity, as well as, an optimized printing quality. Meeting all needs for high-mix environment. Flexible and versatile dryers Complex electronic assemblies and connections are made reliable with innovative curing and drying processes. This is especially important for sensitive assemblies that are exposed to harsh environments. To increase quality, different drying systems can be used. For instance, a vertical system that requires minimum floor space, a meander system that enables long product dwell time, or a continuous dryer with a vertical looped transport system. Optimal drying and curing results. 07. – 09.05.2019 | Hall 4 | Booth 111 Ersa POWERFLOW-Series Best process reliability at highest throughput Cost-optimized wave soldering with near-time ROI Spray fluxer with intelligent spray pattern programming Modular preheating configuration for flexible and reproducible heat input Double solder module for different alloys Long-lasting cleanliness due to continuous process gas cleaning Intelligent nitrogen control guarantees optimized N2 consumption and cost efficiency Ersa POWERFLOW PRO with award-winning modern user interface Source: Carina Zarfelder Charlene Hesse Online Editor EPP E Ersa POWERFLOW N 2 w w w . e r s a . c o m