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EPP Europe P1.2019

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TRADE SHOWS + EVENTS Source: EPP Europe Daniel Rudolph (Christian Koenen) and Torsten Vegelahn (Asys Group) in the application center at the headquarters of the company. The live demonstration of the application center was a highlight of the day, which gave the visitors more detail about the inline concept. Source: EPP Europe plate from Christian Koenen was chosen. Once in use, advantages were seen especially when using the plasma coating for a secure printing process. Mr. Dierker gave specific examples of different components that needed stencil design adjustments to ensure high quality results and consequences that occurred prior to the change. These components included TSSOP 20, DFN 8, and X2SON. The reason for why 0402 and 0603 components need further adhesive dots and its benefits were also presented. The speaker then explained the different technologies used for their adhesive application, which included the DEK Stinger, which is ideal for partial fixation but not suitable for 0603 and 0402 adhesive dots. The stainless-steel screen printer is used for manual bonding and has no repeatability capabilities. For reflow soldering and SMT adhesive curing, the ASM Glue Feeder is used with Koki‘s adhesive. This flexible machine forms small adhesive dots, suitable for 0603 and 0402 components, as well as, aids in centering components during processes. Lukas Wüsteney, Trajectory Planning db018, TUfast Racing Team Autonomous driving- New challenges in cyber physical systems Autonomous vehicles are no longer a thought for the future, as with the progression of technology, it is now available today. A driverless automobile does not only put the vehicle in motion, it also includes planning the best trajectory, checking for motion control, collision control, and so much more. The team of TUfast e.V. built their first racecar in 2004, and has been competing in the worldwide Formula Lukas Wüsteney, TUfast Racing Team. Source: EPP Europe 30 EPP EUROPE April 2019

Source: EPP Europe As part of the application center, the cleaning area is equipped with two fully automatic cleaning systems, as well as, manual cleaners. Technology partners are involved in the application center, in order to meet all customers’ needs. Source: EPP Europe Student competition. This competition is judged based on different categories, including specific dynamics: acceleration, handling (Skidpad), endurance, efficiency, and speed (autoX). It is also tested on statics, such as the business plan and its cost report. The engineering design is also evaluated, based on its skills, overall concept, and project management. Last year’s main focus of the competition and the racing team’s aspirations, was to build an autonomous car. With the help of Christian Koenen, they were able to make their dreams come true, with the db2018. The company sponsored this team with stencils for various electronics in the racecar, including emergency breaks, systems, and much more. With their help, they were also able to upgrade their racecar for this year, which included additional cameras, improved brake system, optimized aerodynamics, etc. They came first place in the last competition, with the hopes of winning the next one as well. Christian Koenen sponsors the TUfast e.V. racing team and their autonomous car. Source: EPP Europe EPP EUROPE April 2019 31