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EPP Europe P1.2019

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PCB + ASSEMBLY PRODUCT UPDATES Material manager for entire production process Asys is committed to the automation of manufacturing. This includes integrating intelligent software solutions into the production environment and processing the data streams generated there. In its latest software solution – the Material manager – the company uses this data to implement orderly and automatic order processing within production. The Material manager collects data on all elements of a production process– from AIVs to warehouse systems, process machines and modules installed in machines. It then evaluates this data and makes the right decisions based on it. It ensures that the right material arrives at the right place at the right time. “It takes into account important parameters such as floor lifetime and the availability of autonomous transport robots“, says Florian Ritter, Unit Director Software Solutions & New Business. In addition, the software independently determines a line’s material demands. It knows when a new order starts on a line and what material it requires. It automatically initiates a The Material manager looks after the entire process, ensuring the right materials arrive at the right place and at the right time. just-in-time supply to the line, avoiding downtimes. The Material Manager can also be used to map the entire movement of goods within production. “RFID technology allows material to be tracked at any time during production. Based on this data, paths and processes can be mapped, evaluated and optimized,” he describes this being the new way of meeting the traceability requirements in the production. In software topics, the company relies on openness from the beginning. For example, Pulse was able to establish itself on the mar- ket as the preferred assistance system within a very short time. They pursued the same concept with the OIC software (Overall Inline Communication) also to the material manager external systems can be connected. Ritter emphasizes: “Vendor independencies important to us. For example, we can integrate any placer system into the Material Manager, as well as various storage and robot systems.” SMTconnect, Booth 4A-324 Source: Asys Primerless silicone encapsulant protects LED Dow, a provider of silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, unveiled DOWSIL EI-2888 primerless silicone encapsulant, an optically-clear silicone for professional LED lighting that cures at room temperature. This advanced silicone technology provides superb optical performance without compromise and offers unique rheological properties for use with light fixtures in a variety of shapes and forms. Designed for explosion proof and high ingress protection rated luminaries, the encapsulant is also cost-effective to buy and use as its patented composition does not contain platinum– unlike other silicone solutions currently available on the market. “LED luminaries in harsh environments need protective materials that are reliable, easy to apply, and that provide robustness of cure,” said Konstantin Sobolev, Strategic Marketing Manager. “DOWSIL EI-2888 primerless silicone encapsulant eliminates a time-consuming processing step and reduces waste that can occur if curing is compromised by surface contaminants or moisture. This lowviscosity silicone also dispenses readily and adheres reliably without sacrificing optical properties. It is an excellent choice for many professional applications, including explosion proof lighting, outdoor displays, and flexible and rigid LED strips.” A two-part protective material with a 1:1 mix ratio, DOWSIL EI-2888 cures at room temperature with optional heat acceleration. This UL 94 compliant, 100 percent polydimethylsiloxane Source: Dow (PDMS) silicone provides even curing and is insensitive to inhibition, a typical issue for platinum catalysts; and material reversion, a traditional problem in enclosed spaces at high temperatures. It can be applied with automated static or dynamic metered mixing, manual mixing, or with flow, pour or needle dispensing equipment. This novel self-priming encapsulant adheres to a variety of substrates and supports the design of innovative LED luminaires in IP-rated enclosures. The primerless silicone encapsulant is an optically clear silicone for professional LED lighting that cures at room temperature. 46 EPP EUROPE April 2019

Flux remover chemistries to improve quality MicroCare Europe BVBA will showcase its popular cleaning chemistries at SMTconnect in Nuremberg. These products use formulations to help companies lower their PCB cleaning costs, improve product quality and meet increasingly stringent regulatory obligations. A product taking centre stage is the recently improved heavyduty flux remover – SuprClean fast drying and versatile, it delivers impressive cleaning even on the hardest jobs. Removing old-style rosin fluxes, as well as most acrylic and urethane conformal coatings, it eliminates white residue without rinsing or drying. Importantly it complies with the strict regulations and worker safety rules enforced by Europe. “The range of products we will be showcasing during SMTconnect are highly effective, longterm answers to the difficult cleaning issues facing production engineers in Europe today,” said Scott Wells, General Manager. “With cleaning chemistries to suit all applications, and contaminants, the company can offer a complete answer to specific cleaning requirements.” “We have evaluated our supply chain and will continue to maintain continuity of our products throughout Europe.” Another product being presented during the show, which also meets the European F-Gas regulations and is REACH, GHS, WEEE- and ROHS compliant is the general-purpose flux remover C. Suitable for all types of electronics, this flux remover can be used on a variety of components including through-hole PCBs and SMT boards, hybrids, cables and connectors. This powerful, non-flammable cleaner is fast drying and easy to use, effortlessly removing no-clean and rosin fluxes in benchtop cleaning applications. Joining the spotlight will be the slow-drying citrus flux remover. A natural, biodegradable, heavyduty flux remover and degreaser, it delivers impressive cleaning. Working on all types of fluxes, pastes, inks, oils, grease, acrylic, silicone conformal coatings and most glues, it is now a staple addition to the benchtop. Working in combination with all the company’s aerosol flux removers is the TriggerGrip dispensing tool. Using the Trigger Grip saves money by reducing solvent usage by 66 % and ensuring the can empties completely. It also enhances worker safety by limiting exposure to the cleaning fluid fumes. SMTconnect, Booth 4-531 Your partner for trailblazing inspection solutions in the SMT production Source: MicroCare Europe BVBA The range of products from MicroCare will be exhibited at the SMTconnect tradeshow. Viscom's trailblazing inspection systems make it the partner of choice for all your assembly inspection needs. Its full spectrum of 2D, 2.5D and 3D optical inspection solutions, as well as X-ray inspection, guarantees outstanding inspection depth and fast handling. Viscom solutions ensure sustainable process optimization. Come see us and discover your ideal inspection solution. Stand No. 4A, 120 3D SPI 3D AOI 3D AXI 3D MXI 3D Bond CCI EPP EUROPE April 2019 47