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EPP Europe P1.2020

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NEWS + HIGHLIGHTS Manual workplaces with installed extraction arms. Source: ULT AG has invested in several LRA 1200 soldering fume extraction systems from ULT AG. At the manual workstations, the LRA 1200 works as a central extraction system. The device is connected to extraction arms, which are installed at each of the twelve workstations and ensure that the soldering fume is captured at the emission source. This fume extractor is also applied with systems for selective and vapor phase soldering as well as rework. Soldering instructor Gangolf Götz talks about air cleaning issues as part of the training for the soldering license. Source: ULT AG The LRA 1200 utilized as central extraction system for soldering fume. Proper capturing improves degree of efficiency The efficiency of fume extraction technology is crucial. It rises and falls with the quality of pollutant capturing. Closest proximity to the emission source is essential. The formula is simple: the greater the distance, the higher the energy required. Doubling the distance to the pollutant source means quadrupling the suction power and extremely high energy consumption in order to capture the desired quantity of particles. Practical applications have proved that air pollutant are neither coarse nor fine but vary between particle sizes of 1 μm and about 10 μm. Hence, optimally developed filtration principles are required to capture and separate particles of any size. It is the aim to convert polluted air back into clean breathing air. Therefore, all occurring contaminants must be extracted and filtered. First the coarse particles, then fine dusts, and finally gases and toxic vapors. There are several information materials, regulations and DIN specifications suggesting procedures in this context. Within the LRA 1200 fume extractor, filtration is executed as follows: a prefilter stage first separates larger particles, thus preventing a clogging or premature saturation of subordinate fine dusts filters or particle filters. The latter work as main filters, binding the finest of aerosol drops, among others. A long filter life is important, as this results in savings in terms of energy, operating, maintenance and spare parts costs. The main filter element is an H14 filter. Such HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) are utilized in air cleaning to provide a purification degree of >99.95 percent. They are largely applied as storage filter, fitting best for the separation of sticky dusts. Finally, an adsorption filter with activated carbon helps due to its spongelike surface in the removal of toxic gases and vapors. The main filter has to be exchanged once a year – an optical signal indicates saturation. The prefilters are replaced every three months on average. Gangolf Götz is glad that the topic of air pollution as part of occupational health and safety has been taken up and summarizes: “When changing the filters, one can see what we would have in our lungs without fume extraction. You can also see the residues in the suction pipes at the workplace, which we clean every six months. By using fume extraction technology, we are able to guarantee our customers a health-conscious workplace. In our training rooms, there is a very pleasant air quality.”; Source: ULT AG 10 EPP EUROPE April 2020

Appointment of Director of EMEA Operations ECD announced that Mike Hayward will lead the company’s operations in the EMEA region where he will oversee product sales, channel partnerships, customer technical support and strategic relationships. Hayward, who has an extensive technical background and has worked in the electronics industry for over 35 years, previously held a similar role with ECD and is delighted to re-join the company to help lead growth initiatives as the Director of EMEA Operations. “I’m passionate about electronics and thrive when helping customers solve challenges,” shares Hayward, who says he learned a lot during his absence from ECD but missed working for a company that truly values their staff and is constantly innovating. “ECD leads in its respective product and service categories and is continuously developing and enhancing technologies to enable process optimization. The automotive, medical and industrial sectors in the region are hungry for solutions that offer in-depth and ac- tionable process data. ECD’s new OvenSentinel addresses this need, pushing the conventional boundaries of reflow monitoring and reporting so that output is high-yield and profits are maximized. This is just one example of the meaningful technologies the company has engineered. I’m excited to be back!” In addition to his previous time with the company, Hayward’s former electronics experience includes engineering, process development and production management roles at UK-based EMS firms and automotive component manufacturers, as well as sales positions with equipment suppliers. With a strong technical background, the ability to effectively communicate at all levels of management, broad commercial knowledge and a responsive, customer-focused mentality, he will undoubtedly be a strong addition to the ECD team and an asset to customers in the EMEA region. Bob Schnyder, VP of Sales and Marketing, Source: ECD Mike Hayward has rejoined the company as the Director of EMEA Operations. says Hayward returning to the company has already met with customer approval. “Even after his absence from ECD, customers remember Mike and his commitment to their success. Partners and customers past, present and future will find a true champion in Mike; we’re proud he’s again part of the ECD team.” Hayward holds an Engineering Technology National Diploma from Gwent College of Further Education and has over three decades of electronics experience. Inspection technology meets quality initiatives Mirtec announced that after an extensive evaluation, Bosch has selected their 3D AOI technology to meet their ongoing quality initiatives. The evaluation process was exceedingly detailed and included a wide range of 3D AOI solution providers from around the globe. In the end, the company effectively demonstrated the lowest cost of ownership and absolute best overall cost/performance ratio. “It is truly a pleasure to continue our longstanding partnership with Bosch”, stated Chanwha Pak, CEO. “We at Mirtec are committed to continuous improvement through innovation and strong quality leadership. Ours is a business of precision and accuracy, reproducibility and specificity, timeliness and trust. These are the real products and services which we provide to our valued customers”, continued Pak. “We look forward to our continued partnership and the mutual success of our two organizations.” With over 17,000 systems installed throughout the world, Mirtec has earned a solid reputation as one of the most progressive and dynamic suppliers of Automated Optical Inspection equipment to the electronics manufacturing industry. Their products have been successful in high-volume markets such as consumer electronics as well as high-mix low-volume markets such as medical, auto- Bosch has chosen the 3D AOI technology from Mirtec, in order to meet their ongoing quality initiatives. motive, aerospace and defense. The company invests heavily in research and development, persistently focused on using state-ofthe-art optics, lighting and laser technology in the development of their inspection solutions. “It is quite an honor for Mirtec to be awarded this contract,” stated Holger Hansmann, Director of Sales and Marketing of their European branch. “As a premier manufacturer, Bosch is recognized throughout the world for having the highest quality standards. As such, the company is extremely selective in purchasing equipment that will add value to their business. In Mirtec, they have found a partner that offers the most technologically advanced inspection systems, supported by a truly global infrastructure and excellent company procedures. We are proud to have been selected, yet again, as Bosch’s 3D AOI partner.”; Source: Mirtec EPP EUROPE April 2020 11