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EPP Europe P1.2020

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TRADE SHOWS + EVENTS Source: EPP Europe/ Jochen Hempler Visitors of the show gained knowledge, stayed informed of the latest innovations, and had the opportunity to ask questions directly to renowned industry experts. Further detailed discussions took place at the 3D AOI Arena Roundtable that included Markus Strehlitz, as the moderator, and four inspection experts; John Bashe, National Sales Manager of Parmi USA, Inc., Carsten Salewski, CEO of Viscom AG, Jaroslav Neuhauser, Deputy General Manager of Saki Corporation, and Harald Eppinger, Managing Director of Koh Young Europe. Interesting insights were given on current challenges, as well as, what the future of inspection holds. As technology is becoming more complex, difficulties are arising to ensure high quality production is still being met. Trends are shifting from 2D technology to 3D measurement, new material is being used more frequently, and industry standards are being regularly adopted. This is why inspection manufacturers need to assimilate to these fast-paced changes. Another premiere at productronia 2019 was the Fast Forward program. In collaboration with Elektor, the platform allowed for startups to present their solutions to more experienced companies, to help them get a foot through the door. By way of forums, pitches, workshops and more, visitors also discovered innovative products that were being introduced to the market. Additional events A variety of learning opportunities were available to all attendees. This included the Cleanroom, which highlights tools and solutions to remove possible contamination. The Smart Maintenance Pavilion focused on current topics, such as predictive maintenance, TPM, data analytics, remote services, mobile and computerized maintenance, thermography, and more. The Career Center was also successful since it is a continuous challenge for the industry to find qualified employees. Here, young professionals just entering the workforce or job seekers could gain knowledge on available openings in the electronic manufacturing industry. The hand soldering competition once again took place, not only at a European level, but at an international level via the World Championship. Countries that participated included, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Poland, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Japan, India, China and the Philippines. The competition consisted of soldering a complicated board within 60 minutes. The world champion winner was Indra Setiawan from PT SIIX EMS, who completed the challenge within 56 minutes. The semiconductor and electronics industries have started to overlap in recent years. This is why the Semicon Europa tradeshow also took place alongside productronica. Focusing on semiconductor production, Semicon highlighted market developments, including those in the automotive and mobile communication sectors. The 3D AOI Arena provided a complete overview for visitors of the booth to compare and evaluate different solutions, and to make a decision based on their needs. Source: EPP Europe/ Jochen Hempler Worldwide productronica productronica China: July 3–5, 2020 productronica India: Sept. 23–25, 2020 productronica South China: Nov. 3–5, 2020 productronica Munich: Nov. 16–19, 2021 18 EPP EUROPE April 2020

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