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EPP Europe P1.2020

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The leading information source for electronics manufacturing Industrie | The network of expertise for industry 05 2018 INTERVIEW Mark Challingsworth, Heraeus Electronics Fast changing speed of the semiconductor industry Industrie COVER | Das Kompetenznetzwerk der Industrie The heart of the electronic industry 5-6 2018 CONTENT Trade shows + events Accomplishments of the past 100 years PCB + Assembly Real added value with assistance systems IM INTERVIEW Christian Koenen, Christian Koenen GmbH Im Druckprozess schlummern noch große Einsparungspotenziale Zero-fault production in soldering processes TITELTHEMA SMT/Nuremberg Visit us at Booth 4-140 Test + Quality Assurance Führende The “Golden Selektivlöt-Technologie Hour” of the assembly line sichert Wachstum AUS DEM INHALT EPP EUROPE May 2018 1 Messen + Veranstaltungen 21. EE-Kolleg Baugruppenfertigung Wettbewerbsfähig durch angepasste Produktionslogistik Packaging Dispensen von Leiterplatten im XXL-Format SMT/Nürnberg Sie finden uns: Halle 4, Stand 140 Test + Qualitätssicherung Industrie 4.0-taugliche Inspektionssysteme LED meets SMT Your Multi-Channel Expert | 2 EPP EUROPE April 2020

EDITORIAL Fight against the virus Since the worldwide epidemic of the Covid-19 virus began, the world as we knew it has completely changed. The everyday normal has turned into what we never thought was possible. Despite this state of emergency, many are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Industries have been able to quickly replace their traditional structures for more creative business models. It is most likely improbable that all will go back to normal once this is over, however a new future will emerge in its place. Now is the time to share ideas and thoughts, collaborate and communicate, and help each other get through this together. We will come out on the other side, stronger as one. Work together for a better tomorrow. GLOBAL. AHEAD. SUSTAINABLE. The role of automated X-ray inspection The cover story discusses how important 3D X-ray inspection is, especially when ensuring the quality of critical devices. 3D X-ray provides inspection where classical AOI has limitations. Due to this, equipment needs to be faster, more accurate, and adopt machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities to keep pace and deliver products that ensure reliability. In addition, planar computed tomography technology is essential for high accuracy defect detection, as it provides volumetric inspection of solder joints. Today’s technological innovations must also consider environmental factors and adhere to strict standards. Obtaining perfect 3D images. Traceability in electronics manufacturing In the European region, most electronics manufacturing is geared toward building high-quality goods for automotive, telecommunications industries, and more. This is why traceability is no longer optional or a nice-to-have tool, it is a requirement. Only focusing on material traceability is also not enough. A proven solution will equip manufacturers with reporting of the complete process and help them better manage production environment by making detailed material, product and process information readily available. The perfect solution will also easily complement existing systems. No longer just an option. before VOIDLESS REFLOW. EFFICIENT AND SAFE. How to avoid Voids? Ersa EXOS 10/26 after Optimum temperature profiles due to medium-wave emitters in the vacuum module Reduction of the void rate by up to 99 % Perfect synchronization and transitions thanks four-part conveyor Maintenance-friendly and lubricant-free roller conveyor in the vacuum module Highest machine availability Source: Carina Zarfelder Charlene Hesse Online Editor EPP E Ersa EXOS 10/26 Convection reflow soldering system with vacuum module EPP EUROPE April 2020 3