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EPP Europe P1.2020

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Contents 04 2020

Contents 04 2020 European Magazine for Production and Test in the Electronics Industry Cover Feature 3D AXI for fast volumetric inspection With the increasing complexity of electronic products, 3D X-ray inspection is becoming more important and vital, as it plays a key role in assuring the quality of critical devices, especially for applications where human lives are directly connected. Using a system with planar computed tomography is also essential for high accuracy defect detection. Achieving zero escapes Source: ULT AG Source: MicroCare 08 Every year, 250–300 soldering licenses are issued after completing an 8-module soldering program. 30 Test-cleaning in small batches prior to full-scale manufacturing can eliminate surprises to ensure better board reliability. News + Highlights 6 Providing information during Covid-19 Kyzen offers free resources in E-knowledge Center 6 Impacts of virus on electronics industry IPC releases survey results for March 8 Soldering license with the best air conditions ULT helps RAFI with training program 11 Appointment of Director of EMEA Operations Rejoining the ECD team 11 Partnership meets quality inspection Bosch chooses Mirtec as AOI partner 12 AR-based customer service tool IPTE provides remote support 12 Total focus on automation concepts Kurtz Ersa Automation meets Industry 4.0 13 Staff changes within sales partnership Viscom AG welcomes change in personnel Trade Shows+ Events 14 Elevating excellence of electronics IPC Apex Expo 2020 brings the industry together 16 Electronic manufacturing value chain Innovative premieres at productronica 2019 Source: Electrolube 38 As trends in the automotive industry continue to increase, this causes more challenges for electrical circuits, connectors and contacts. PCB + Assembly Features 26 Five step cycle for jet valve dispensing The right automated dispensing technology (Techcon) 29 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 30 Fundamentals needed for critical cleaning Planning during initial design of PCB (MicroCare) 33 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 34 Benefits of soldering with vacuum profiles Void formation in the soldering process (Rehm) 37 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 4 EPP EUROPE April 2020

Source: Saki Europe 38 Improving performance with correct connectors Preventing electric vehicle recalls (Electrolube) 42 Digital twin of production with real time data Support and maintenance from anywhere (ASM) 45 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 20 46 Productivity with automated materials management Managing all materials in the supply chain (Mentor) 49 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 50 Need for traceability in electronics manufacturing Making information readily available (Cogiscan) 53 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 54 Solder paste for automotive reliability Challenges of harsh environments (Indium) 57 Product-Updates PCB Assembly Test + Quality Assurance Features 62 Product-Updates Test + Quality Assurance Columns 3 Editorial 4 Contents 66 Imprint/List of advertisers Advancing Technology to Meet Demands ITW EAE brings together the world-leading brands of electronics assembly equipment. We are focused on developing technology to meet the demands for improvements in throughput, yield and performance. We have a strong relationship with the world’s leading manufacturers and work directly with them to identify areas that need further innovation. We are actively pursuing the benefits to be realized by Industry 4.0 and the resulting improvements in yield, overall equipment effectiveness, and lights out factory capabilities envisioned by our customers. Momentum II Printers NEW A fresh look and innovative new features for further enhancement in ease of use, yield , quality, productivity and versatility. Learn more at A division of Illinois Tools Works EPP EUROPE April 2020 5