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EPP Europe P2.2017

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PCB + ASSEMBLY PRODUCT UPDATES Pick and place solution with dispensing valves technologies Source: Essemtec AG Essemtec AG, a Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, will present a large all-in-one platform that can be used for the assembly of Puma/Tarantula is a high-speed pick-and-place solution that can also be used in the ultraflexible prototyping development sector. high-speed applications, rapid prototyping and high-speed dispensing at productronica 2017. With different modules, the system can grow synchronously with customer requirements for performance and processes. Puma and Tarantula platform Puma is the first high-speed pick-and-place solution that can also be used in the ultraflexible prototyping development sector. With an IPC assembly performance of 18’100 cph, the machine pushes forward into the mid-range field. To further increase flexibility, it boasts up to 280 feeder positions; this means this solution offers the highest number of feeders in relationship to the machine’s foot print. It processes PCB sizes up to 1’800 mm x 610 mm. Aside from handling the assembly processes, it also dispenses and jets in parallel up to 150’000 dots per hour. When all three axis are used exclusively for dispensing fluids, the platform is called Tarantula. There are five valve technologies to choose from, and with the plug-and-play method, all heads can be retrofitted or changed over on site. The newly implemented linear motor technology, paired with the material “Epument” for the mineral cast frame, gives a speed increase of up to 52.5 % versus the previous model. The updated vibration absorption through the mineral cast frame guarantees high and consistent accuracy over many years of use. Replacing the traditional spindles and belts with the linear motor technology means the required maintenance is significantly reduced. Additionally, the assembly and dispensing processes are displayed on the same X/Y system. The system’s software also has been optimized. The clearly structured interface on a large touch screen monitor is as easy to operate as a smart phone. This enables the operator to process both simple assembly groups as well as more complex projects with mixed processes, 2.5D applications and more, directly on the machine. The management can check the efficiency of the machine at any time and the company offers online support service. The software has gateway connections to guarantee connectivity in production – it is available for an active exchange of process and production data or the execution of commands. Following the requests of digitalisation in production, the gateways are under constant development; Industry 4.0. productronica, Booth A3.218 34 EPP EUROPE November 2017

Reliable production of modern LED headlights Asys depaneling systems with the optodrilling option can position holes with extreme accuracy. The latest systems lead the field with an accuracy of ± 50 μ @ 5 sigma. This level of accuracy allows reliable production of modern LED headlights, for example. For headlights to emit light most effectively in the real world, it is important to align the LED board relative to the other optical components and the housing. To do so, the assembly holes have to be very accurate in relation to the LED. Divisio depaneling systems have a ten megapixel camera to determine the position of the LED. The measured data is then used to drill the holes. This is where the company is setting new standards. Camera-guided positioning The company’s experts of the depaneling system do not just use LEDs as the reference point for drilling holes. Holes can now also be drilled with reference to synthetic fiducial marks, geo- Source: Asys Group Divisio depaneling systems have a ten megapixel camera to determine the position of the LED. metric shapes or chips. This makes it possible to compensate for all the tolerances that have arisen during production. „We are delighted to provide our customers with what is currently the highest possible accuracy available on the market for positioning location holes“, says Martin Gehring, Product Manager for Divisio product division. The optodrilling option can be integrated into inline and offline depaneling systems. productronica, Booth A3.277 Fast 8 hour service for PCBs 4 day service for assembly Reliable Express services: On time or FREE Unique Online assembly from 1 component Lead-free solder alloy that increases performance and integrity AIM Solder, a global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, highlighted their REL61 lead-free solder alloy, along with their full line of solder assembly materials. The solder alloy addresses the most challenging issues with today’s common lead-free alloys, specifically voiding, cost, durability, and tin whiskers. Combined with the company’s M8 Solder Paste, the solder alloy has reduced voiding on BTC packages by over 45 %, increasing both thermal performance and solder joint integrity. It offers a low cost alternative to SAC alloys, with reliability and performance characteristics superior to SAC305 and low/no-silver solder alloys. Extensive testing indicates that the solder alloy can reduce tin whisker formation, as well as, outperform SAC alloys in thermal shock, vibration, and drop shock resistance. The company also highlighted its full line of advanced solder materials, including solder paste, liquid flux, and solder alloys, as well as, its newly developed REL22 solder alloy for extremely harsh environments. productronica, Booth A4.409 EPP EUROPE November 2017 35