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EPP Europe P2.2017

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PCB + ASSEMBLY PRODUCT UPDATES Desktop robots for automated soldering Analyzing metrics and KPI over a period of time Source: ATN Germany Altus, a distributor of capital equipment for electronics assembly, has recently worked closely with their supplier, ATN Germany, to offer full pre and post sales and engineering support for their range of bespoke designed desktop robots to address automated soldering, which can grow with customers The Economic 400 enables robotic soldering with a compact device. and their future requirements. ATN Germany produces a range of soldering solutions to automate tasks which cannot be completed using SMT production techniques. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of heads which can be supplied for OEM integration, or integrated by the company to address a specific application. The Economic 400 is just one entry level example of an integrated system. The system enables robotic soldering with a compact device. In the case of automated soldering, the hot iron is placed on the soldering point with its pneumatic stroke. When the soldered joint is heated up to soldering temperature, the solder wire is fed with the automatic feeder. The soldering tip remains on the soldering point for a short time so that the solder runs correctly and forms a meniscus at the soldering point. The 150 W soldering iron with digital control allows short cycle times and high precision. The Economic A400 can also be equipped with Induction, Laser or LightBeam heads. The positioning is carried out by an XYZ system with a working range of 400 x 300 x 140 mm. Optionally an additional rotation is also available. The programming with the Windows-based PC control is intuitive, simple and clear, and includes a camera that simplifies process monitoring and teaches the soldering positions. productronica, Booth A2.132 Cogiscan Inc., a provider of Track, Trace and Control (TTC) solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry, will introduce its Factory Intelligence – Analytics at productronica 2017. The company will show the second major phase of evolution for the Factory Intelligence OEE software, along with SmartRep, its new sales and service partner for Germany and other German-speaking regions. The first phase was focused on real-time performance monitoring. The new Analytics package offers a series of capabilities to analyze metrics and KPI over a period of time. Being able to collect and analyze key metrics, such as machine OEE, is key to enabling manufacturing staff to quickly identify any deviation from expected performance and quickly drill down to the root cause for corrective actions. This will guarantee that all assets always operate at optimal conditions. The Analytics module is designed for ease-of-use. Its open and modular architecture enables different modes of implementation: Cogiscan will introduce the second major phase of evolution for the Factory Intelligence OEE software. • Factory Intelligence comes with a set of preconfigured dashboards and a tool for the creation of user specific dashboards. • Alternatively, customers can integrate the Analytics data with an existing third-party Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard application via a standard OLAP layer (Online Analytical Processing) Factory Intelligence runs on the standard platform of the company, which means that it is a very simple upgrade for existing customers. With the largest library of machine interfaces in the industry, the company can deliver a complete solution; including connectivity middleware and applications such as material control, traceability and analytics. productronica, Booth A2.361 Source: Cogiscan Inc. XXL Stencils Expand your Dimensions with the LPKF StencilLaser G 6080 The LPKF StencilLaser G 6080 can easily be extended to hold extralong stencils. Max. cutting area: 600 x 1600 mm. Find out more: productronica: 14 – 17 November 2017, Hall B2, Booth 303 40 EPP EUROPE November 2017

Solution for issues with die attach reliability in high volume manufacturing Source: Alpha Assembly Solutions The company‘s sintering technology products. Alpha Assembly Solutions, a producer of electronic soldering and bonding materials, has recently introduced their latest technology developments, including their sintering technology products and a no-clean solder paste. The company’s sintering technology is a range of products designed to meet the demanding quality standards of the power semiconductor and LED industry. These products include Argomax, which has been specially designed for low pressure sintering die attachment. As well as advancements in sintering technologies, the company’s latest new cleanable, noclean material, OM-347 solder paste. The product has been designed to print and reflow Type 4 and Type 5 powder to meet market segments requiring ultra-fine feature applications. This solder paste has been tested to give excellent printing performance and an outstanding reflow process window. After reflow, the resulting residue produced can be safely left on the board, or if needed, it can be very easily cleaned with a broad range of solvents. productronica, Booth B3.272 Source: ULT AG Comprehensive extraction and filtration solutions At productronica in Munich/Germany, ULT AG will demonstrate its unique state as a full-range supplier of extraction and filtration technologies for air purification within electronics manufacturing. The company will present solutions for the efficient and economic removal of airborne pollutants, such as laser fume, soldering fume, gases, vapors, dusts, and odors. One focal point of the company’s trade show appearance is the capture and filtration of easily inflammable or explosive dusts and air mixtures, which may occur during surface processing of hard to handle elements, e.g. titanium. The particularly developed safe economic fume ULT AG will present solutions for the efficient and economic removal of airborne pollutants. extraction and filtration method is based on special filtration and capturing concepts. Additionally, the company will introduce the next development stage of its new device control. It allows for system remote control by means of LAN or WLAN via a webserver. Furthermore, users can read out specific device information, e.g. filter saturation state, performance figures, or the next maintenance date. Utilizing these types of systems in electronics manufacturing is a statutory requirement. Companies should also be aware that employees, production equipment, and products must be protected from the impact of hazardous emissions. They are generated during the utilization of laser machines, soldering technology or throughout gluing and welding processes. productronica, Booth A4.549 EPP EUROPE November 2017 41