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EPP Europe P2.2018

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2 EPP EUROPE November 2018 Source: Carina Zarfelder

EDITORIAL Secure detection of voids In electronics manufacturing, when there is a need to examine a rejected printed circuit, manual X-ray (MXI) is a good choice. Automatic optical inspection may not be sufficient, especially for QFNs, BGAs, and even LEDs. If a one hundred percent examination of hidden solder joints is required, inline X-ray systems are called for. It is especially helpful for the inspection to obtain horizontal and vertical slice images from volume information. High efficiency under strict requirements. Innovative technology coming together Technical experts and industry leaders will take part in all activities that will surround the IPC Apex show, taking place in San Diego in January 2019. Similar to last year, there will be live demonstrations, technical conferences, professional development, as well as, workshops. Don’t miss the world championship hand soldering and rework competition, as well as, the keynote speech from the Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder of Tesla. Far-reaching ideas for the manufacturing industry. Condensation soldering for longevity To meet stringent demands, it is imperative to deliver reliable and thoroughly tested components. Durable products is especially a top priority for a German aviation supplier. To make complex and fail-safe electronic components with a long service life, they rely on condensation soldering systems that have a gentle manufacturing soldering process. With this, they can continue to supply aircraft manufacturers and mobility service providers with secure technology and ensure that air traffic remains safe. First-class safety and reliability. Process & Materials investigation The increasing complexity of high density assemblies, along with low standoff components, creates challenges for assessing electrochemical reliability. In order to test for cleanliness, resistance of electrochemical migration, ionic contamination, or surface reliability, new methods have now been developed and adopted. No matter which is used, all approaches should lead towards a Process and Materials Interaction Investigation, for a complete assembly reliability. Testing for electrochemical consistency. Charlene Hesse Trainee/Editor EPP E Ersa soldering systems and tools set standards with flexible and energy-efficient production technologies. As a system supplier offering the most comprehensive product range in this field worldwide, we provide you with smart solutions. In an intelligent way Ersa interconnects your electronics production to the next productivity level. What can we do for you? Portfolio Stencil printers Reflow systems Wave soldering systems Selective soldering systems Automation Rework systems Inspection systems Soldering stations Solder fume extraction units Solders, fluxes and more Staff training/certification w w w . e r s a . c o m EPP EUROPE November 2018 3

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