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EPP Europe P2.2018

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Contents 11 2018

Contents 11 2018 European Magazine for Production and Test in the Electronics Industry Cover Feature Fast in-line x-ray secures quality Source: SEMI Europe 13 For the first time, Semicon Europe will be in conjunction with electronica in November 2018. When AOI meets its limits, the use of AXI is called for, as it can reliably point out defects that are invisible to the human eye. Voids can be completely recorded and analyzed, even while hidden from an outside view. A networked evaluation including results from a 3D SPI is an effective adjunct to process improvement. Analyzing the data from detected false calls and real defects delivers valuable knowledge of whether changes in the process are needed. Assembly inspection in electronics manufacture is a prime example of successfully implemented Industry 4.0. X-ray and optical inspection go hand in hand News + Highlights 6 Solutions for integrated Smart Factories ASM PT investing in MES software company 8 Gearing towards the Industry 4.0 vision Investment of KIC’s process management tools 10 Specialists combine their coating knowledge Cooperation between Rehm and Electrolube 10 Automated fluid dispensing and coating systems Asymtek receives quality management certification Source: Kurz Ersa Source: Technolab GmbH A power electronics expert has relied on the strong support a system supplier, since the beginning. An intensive analysis is required to ensure the reliability and functionality of a system. 42 70 Trade Shows+ Events 12 Smart, safe, secure networking at all levels electronica 2018 is bigger than ever 13 Future of mobility, health, and environment All about microelectronics at Semicon Europe 2018 14 Innovative technology coming together Successes of the future at IPC Apex 2019 16 Air handling of new technologies 6 th ULT Symposium 20 New name for SMT Hybrid Packaging Integration in microelectronics is staying strong PCB + Assembly Features 28 Light-activated epoxy resin for reliable sealing Putting pedal to the metal with adhesives (Delo) 30 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 32 Creating visibility of potential disruptions Digging deeper into MES systems (Aegis) 34 First-class safety and reliability Conventional condensation soldering (Rehm) 36 Reflow profiles vs. solder structure at the joint Effects of temperature, melting, and cooling (Koki) 40 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 42 Creating a better and safer world Partners for energy (Ersa) 4 EPP EUROPE November 2018

44 Cleaning complexities for miniaturized electronics Method for flux and paste formulations (MicroCare) 47 Product-Updates PCB Assembly 48 Connectivity improves equipment utilization M2M communication for continuous monitoring (KIC) 50 Testing for electrochemical consistency Process and materials interaction investigation (Indium) 53 Product-Updates PCB Assembly) 54 Protecting future of LED lighting applications Improving growth of animals and plants (Electrolube) 57 Product-Updates PCB Assembly Packaging Features 58 Volumetric dispensing without contamination Tidy workplace and precise results (Intertronics) 59 Product-Updates Packaging Test + Quality Assurance Features 60 Testing platforms adapts to evolving requirements Measurement for semiconductor industry (Advantest) 62 Product-Updates Test + Quality Assurance 24 64 Ensuring safe measurements of wire and insulation resistance Potential danger in testing long cables (Cami) 67 Accurate and reliable data with inspection hardware Driving M2M communication (Saki) 70 Investigating damage on assemblies Creation of technical evidence (Technolab) 72 Product-Updates Test + Quality Assurance Source: Viscom AG NEW & UNIQUE: BAMFIT Our BONDTEC Accelerated Mechanical Fatigue Interconnection Testing Revolutionary quick tester for lifetime of heavywire bonds Supplementing Power-Cycling Tests of power semiconductors, but in minutes instead of months PATENTED SOLUTION Fully automatable based on the Desktop Micro Factory 56XX Industrie 4.0 ready for more information please visit our website Columns 3 Editorial 4 Contents 74 Imprint/List of advertisers F&S BONDTEC Semiconductor GmbH Industriezeile 49a A-5280 Braunau am Inn, Austria T: +43.7722.67052.8270 F: +43.7722.67052.8272 Mail: EPP EUROPE November 2018 5

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