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PCB + ASSEMBLY Close up of some typical algal growth in a photo-bioreactor. Source: Electrolube The applications reviewed in this article highlight the importance of electro-chemical products and their ability to protect LEDs and associated products from adverse environmental conditions while at the same time ensuring efficient heat dissipation from these components. As with all electronics applications, the correct choice and implementation of conformal coatings, encapsulation resins and thermal management materials is critical to the performance and life expectancy of an LED product and these issues should be considered at the earliest stages of the design process. The company has become a well-respected global supplier to this rapidly growing market, providing technical support and guidance on material choices to designers and manufacturers of LED lighting systems across a wide range of applications and environments, spanning everything from weather-resistant street lighting to sleek, modern interior lighting designs. electronica, Booth B4-315; A2-437 the UR5633 provides very high levels of thermal conductivity combined with excellent resistance to water and tolerance of low temperatures. However, the viscosity of this two-part polyurethane resin is very high and so it may not be suitable for space-limited applications where air voids are likely to be formed. Remember, air voids in an encapsulated unit can create hot spots, leading to reduced performance and shorter lifespan. Lower viscosity resins, such as the company’s two-part ER2221 epoxy resin may be more appropriate in this case, while high performance resins such as the ER2225 offer additional useful properties, including chemical resistance and tolerance of high temperatures. Lighting the way to better animal welfare LED based lighting technology is now also helping to improve the health, wellbeing and yield from agricultural livestock. Many studies have shown that improving the quality of light in animal enclosures, pens and barns reduces stress, while utilizing LEDs of a specified wavelength can tackle other issues, such as the attraction of flies to the light source. The color temperature of the light has also been shown to have an impact on the growth and positive behavior of chickens. Not surprisingly therefore, the poultry industry is gearing up to retrofit as many as 600,000 barns with LED lighting over the-315 coming years 3) . Lighting in these environments is required to meet IP66 rating for dust tightness and resistance to ingress from high pressure water jets. It must also be resistant to corrosion (particularly corrosive gases that can be present in poultry barns), high humidity and potential impact damage. Protection compounds, such as conformal coatings and encapsulation resins, provide the long-term protection required to meet the rigours of these demanding environments. Zusammenfassung Der Artikel beschreibt Anwendungen von LEDs und betrachtet, wie moderne Schutzüberzüge und thermische Managementmaterialien die Leistung und die Lebensdauer von LED-Beleuchtungseinheiten speziell unter rauen Umgebungsbedingungen im Innen- als auch im Außenbereich verbessern. Résumé L‘article décrit les applications des LED et comment les revêtements de protection modernes et les matériaux de gestion thermique améliorent les performances et la durée de vie des unités d‘éclairage à LED, en particulier dans les environnements intérieurs et extérieurs difficiles. Zusammenfassung russisch Статья описывает применение светодиодов и рассматривает, как современные защитные покрытия и материалы для регулирования температуры улучшают производительность и срок службы светодиодных осветительных приборов, особенно в суровых условиях окружающей среды при эксплуатации как в помещениях, так и под открытым небом. 56 EPP EUROPE November 2018

PRODUCT UPDATES PCB + ASSEMBLY Coaxial cable stripping machine for diverse wires and cables The CoaxStrip 6580 from Schleuniger will win over customers with its powerful drives, which deliver an excellent performance increase of 20 % and a significant increase in blade life. Highlights of the new coaxial cable stripping machine are increased stripping quality and newly implemented processing functions. Powerful and precise drives that deliver an excellent performance and an extremely wide processing range are just some of the inherent benefits of the coaxial cable stripping machine. It also has a high-performance control software and intuitive color touch screen with its innovative user interface. The new design of the stripping head will also further increase stripping quality. Unique processing functions The company’s innovation includes processing functions which enable optimum processing of diverse wires and cables covering a wide range of applications. For example, the “cable diameter verification” function prevents incorrect cables from being processed, and the “automatic cable retraction function” helps when processing flexible cables with longer strip lengths. Numerous programmable processing parameters guarantee high processing flexibility and quality. Lower costs and higher productivity The high-performance control software S.ON saves raw material data in the stored libraries, and processing parameters are calculated automatically based on the raw material data. Cable programs can also be loaded using a barcode scanner for quick, error-free changeovers. The cutting blades as well as the centering and clamping jaws are ideal for use with a wide range of coaxial, triaxial, multi-conductor cables and discrete wires. All processing parameters are stored in memory and easily recalled. No mechanical adjustments are required to cover the full range of possible applications. With this technology, downtimes are virtually eliminated. Machine maintenance has also been made easier as the safety cover can be removed without any tools. Reduction in operating costs The four-blade design ensures that even very thin, hard-molded or slightly out-of-round insulations can also be stripped. The cutterhead adapts precisely to the cable diameter, reducing wear and significantly increasing blade life, thereby decreasing operating costs. The CoaxStrip 6580 also provides the best conditions for ensuring high-quality, flawless stripping since the blades are positioned on the same plane and therefore do not generate any transverse forces when incising and removing the insulation. By making incisions that are linear and perpendicular to the cable axis, the machine ensures clean, precise incisions. The unique four-jaw centering system is mounted adjacent to the blades and ensures that the cable is perfectly centered during the stripping process. With its high production performance and unique processing functions, it is well suited for use in a wide range of industries, including both the automotive and the information and communications technology sectors. Prooven 3D SPI Performance Top & Bottom 3D THT/AOI Munich – Visit us and test your High End 3D AOI (Pre & Post) High-Contrast Coating Inspection 70mm height in real 3D Auto-Verification Touchless verification EPP EUROPE November 2018 57

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