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EPP Europe P2.2018

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NEWS + HIGHLIGHTS Self-regulating environment with smart factory technologies volume production with exclusion of automotive and consumer PCB electronics. Guy De Winne discusses how Newtec is adopting Smart Factory standards. Guy De Winne, Plant Manager from Newtec, discusses how the company is gearing towards the Industry 4.0 smart factory vision by continuously evolving their methods and processes, as well as, incorporating their own ideas to keep a competitive advantage. He also discusses acquiring smart factory technologies and its impact on their employees. This includes investing in process managements tools from KIC. Who is Newtec? As a pioneer in the industry, the company specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. Together with our customers, we make the world a safer, more informed and connected place. As a result, more than 3 billion people watch TV every day thanks to Newtec technology. The company also assembles PCB electronics for companies in industrial, government, military, offshore, maritime and aerospace markets. What kind of production do you run? We do both OEM and EMS of complex and high reliability products for high-end markets. This means an environment of high mix-low Source: KIC What are the success factors in your business? (i.e.: cost quality, response time, service etc.) As innovation is part of our DNA we are always at the edge of the technology. We are constantly challenged by our customers to apply new types of components or processes. We have a history of working with design engineers developing new components or processes. As a result, we challenge our equipment suppliers to be prepared for upcoming evolutions, which means that we sometimes act as Beta customer for production equipment. Our first focus is quality, but in the context of the Industry 4.0 trend, we are also working to continuously improve our response time and service levels. In 2015, this dedication made us one of the first “Factories of the Future” in Belgium. Our status as leading factory and role model within the Belgian industry was recently reconfirmed. How do you create a competitive advantage over your competitors? We are focused on the growing expectations of our customers. If we succeed in accommodating their demands while following our own ideas of the evolution towards Industry 4.0 Smart Factories, we can stay ahead of the competition. Our own ideas are based on a number of transformative components such as world-class manufacturing, digital factory, employee involvement etc. As it turns out, these principals correspond very well with the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory vision. Have you started investing in smart factory technologies? This is part of our transformations “smart production” and “digital factory”. We follow the evolutions and wait till the moment these technologies become useable in our high mix-low volume production. If no standardized solutions are available, we often create our own solution. Newtec uses KIC thermal management tools for its in-depth monitoring and traceability. Source: KIC 8 EPP EUROPE November 2018

What was the motivation to do so? A system can only survive if it can adapt itself faster than its environment. This is also valid for our environment. We need to continuously adapt our way of working. We are operating in a fastchanging environment facing a global market which means that competition is everywhere so nothing is taken for granted. In this world, our organization can only survive if we have a culture accepting that tomorrow will be different with the uncertainty that we do not know today what tomorrow will bring. CUBE Inline + Please describe your smart technologies and operational aspects. Smart technologies are everywhere in our manufacturing operations. They are used to eliminate waste, create visibility and motivate people to fulfill our role as a Manufacturing Competence Center. We have seen a significant increase in both quality and manufacturing productivity in spite of an increased complexity of our products. What impact has the technologies had on your employees? We have evolved towards a self-regulating environment for normal operations where concerns are smoothed rather than amplified. Our self-steering team approach brings better visibility and accountability for everyone. The improved competitiveness resulted in a steep increase in the number of employees (+ 40 % in 2017 and +15 % expected in 2018). All our employees are now working in challenging and active jobs, which have a positive impact on their commitment. The modular Soldering System from Inertec for highest efficiency Has the Smart Factory investment had any impact on your customers? These investments brought us closer to world class manufacturing, which has had a positive impact on our customers as they can survive in a global competition, and in different markets with European production. Having a reliable production partner with a long-term commitment allows them to focus on development and sales without having the burden of logistics and manufacturing. What are the biggest lessons learned? A lot of noise has evaporated. Problems that we were not aware of in the past are now becoming visible. This opens again new opportunities for improvement so the evolution will never stop. Have you experienced any increased revenue or profit attributed to the smart factory capabilities? We more than doubled our plant turnover in 3 years and expect growth in the near future. What motivated you to invest in the KIC thermal process management tools? The fact that we need traceability and visibility on every detail of our manufacturing process especially in the PCB reflow process, as this is a very critical stage in the production process. PCB Reflow is important because it impacts the reliability of our products. With KIC, we are able to assemble products for markets that require in-depth monitoring or traceability., Our intelligent modular system, flexible for every kind of customer requirements INERTEC has been building selective soldering systems for more than 20 years and is one of the leading companies in this market sector. Inertec Löttechnik GmbH EPP EUROPE November 2018 9

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