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EPP Europe P2.2020

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Contents 11 2020

Contents 11 2020 European Magazine for Production and Test in the Electronics Industry Source: Peter Roskothen 24 A change-over to photoimageable solder resists has created alternative photoinitiators. Cover Feature Adopting Artificial Intelligence based solutions Today, Artificial Intelligence technology is associated with a variety of businesses and applications. To help solve the growing challenges in the SMT industry, it has now also been implemented into inspection technology. By incorporating learning in the solutions, AI can be used to prevent measurement errors. Applying deep learning with AI engines will enable the future of electronics manufacturing. Generating knowledge from experience News + Highlights 6 Enabling the digital world Interview with Gabriela Reckewerth, ASM 9 Appointment of Senior General Manager Saki strenghtens Asian operations 10 Inspection system programming Collaboration with Mentor and Koh Young 10 Improve service accessibility Viscom creates customer care teams 11 Total customer focus Kurtz Ersa opens new hall Source: Aegis USA 40 Factory digitization has opened a need for Artificial Intelligence. Trade Shows+ Events 12 Virtual electronica 2020 Expanding digital offering 12 Electronics production tradeshow SMTconnect 2020 goes digital 13 IPC Apex Expo rescheduled Postponed for 2021 PCB + Assembly Features 20 Improved process yield with dual head dispensing New level of robustness (ITW EAE) 24 Overcoming PCB production challenge Using suitable solder resists (Lackwerke Peters) 27 Product-Updates PCB + Assembly Source: Viscom AG The S3088 CCI inspection system offers inspection of transparent protective coatings. 52 4 EPP EUROPE November 2020

Source: Koh Young Momentum® II Printers 14 NEW Momentum II Elite and HiE HIGHEST PERFORMANCE VALUE 28 Power of renewable sources of energy Assisting with protection compounds (Electrolube) 32 Product life cycle with flexible automation Following the TLC methodology (MTEK) 34 Dry run over IC bridge Moisture sensitivity treatment (Totech) 36 Reasons to use a better PCB cleaning fluid Finding the right alternative (MicroCare) 38 Expanding control with X-ray component counter Staying one step ahead (Nordson Dage) 40 Where is artificial intelligence today? Factory digitization (Aegis Software) 42 Advancing the smart factory Production with PC-based control (Beckhoff) 45 Product-Updates PCB + Assembly Introducing the next-generation Momentum II. A proven printer platform with a fresh look and innovative new features for improved ease of use, yield , quality, productivity and versatility. NEW EdgeLoc II and EdgeLoc+ precision board clamping NEW Jar paste dispenser for increased productivity NEW Solder paste temperature and roll height monitoring NEW Quick release squeegee for faster changeover NEW Adjustable stencil shelf NEW Windows 10 OS, upgraded Quickstart GUI function Test + Quality Assurance Features 52 Providing reliable conformal coating inspection CCI systems using UV illumination (Viscom) 55 Product-Updates Test + Quality Assurance Columns 3 Editorial 4 Contents 58 Imprint/List of advertisers NEW Momentum II 100 and BTB HIGHEST PRODUCTION VALUE Learn more at A division of Illinois Tools Works EPP EUROPE November 2020 5