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EPP Europe P2.2020

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TEST + QUALITY ASSURANCE The S3088 CCI inspection system has camera resolution of up to 15 μm/pixel and offers inspection of transparent protective coatings. spection (CCI) when used for applied protective coatings. Since the coating is usually transparent and therefore contains few structures, fluorescent dyes must be used, which can be recognized by the AOI system‘s special cameras. Source: Viscom AG CCI functions and areas of application CCI systems use UV illumination because coating manufacturers normally add ultraviolet fluorescent particles to their products. These particles can be easily detected by cameras with UV LEDs, thereby making it possible to perform manual and automatic optical inspections on coatings. For this, the particles need to be evenly distributed, and they need to fluoresce uniformly and steadily. If the coating layer has been evenly applied, the properties of the fluorescent particles ensure that light is emitted at a consistent intensity when the particles are exposed to continuous UV light. Camera systems are able to detect and capture the emitted light intensity. Various forms of surface-level damage, such as cracks, blisters, orange peel, excessive coating and even missing coating are made visible by the ultraviolet light. The use of camera systems mounted at angles enables the documentation of these defects and imperfections, as well as of missing protective coating in visible and illuminable gaps, such as the coating on pins and in the spaces between them. The inspection images captured by the CCI system are automatically analyzed for acceptance or rejection with permitted tolerance values. Detected deviations are classified as defects. Other indicators which can be used for optimizing the conformal coating process are evaluated as well. The protective coating can be inspected both before and after it has cured. With a wet inspection, the coating is inspected before it cures, which makes subsequent reworking and improvements by manufacturing personnel possible. The S3088 CCI inspection system from Viscom AG offers inspection of transparent protective coatings. With a camera system that features one orthogonal and eight angled cameras, as well as a transport clearance of 105 mm for circuit boards, the S3088 CCI sets itself apart from the other S3088-series systems. It also works with Viscom‘s vVision and Easy Pro inspection software, and hence features the same user interface as the other AOI systems. In standard configuration, the S3088 CCI can perform inline inspections on circuit boards measuring 508 mm x 508 mm. Standard options are available for longer boards. It is important to note that different coating types require different exposure times. For less reflective coatings that contain silicon, the HD option provides a more powerful emission of UV light. The S3088 CCI‘s integrated UV LEDS provide optimal contrasting between protective coatings and non-coated areas. With a camera resolution of up to 15 μm/pixel, the S3088 CCI makes cracks, blisters, smearing and coating splatter easy to see. The coating can also be inspected for completeness. In addition to dry inspection, the it also offers a wet inspection option. For this option, the customer connects an internal extraction system to the S3088 CCI to ensure that the concentration inside the system remains low. The S3088 CCI also offers a 3D spot measurement option for coating thickness, which uses a vertically installed sensor to spot measure the distance between the coating surface and the circuit board surface as a reference plane. The resulting differences represent the thickness of the coating. The S3088 CCI can also perform qualifications of electrical insulating compounds on circuit boards based on the IPC-CC-830C standard. Zusammenfassung Sicher funktionierende Elektronik benötigt eine zuverlässige Inspektion von Schutzlacken. Das vorgestellte Inspektionssystem ist einfach adaptierbar auf die Anforderungen unterschiedlicher Schutzlacke zur präzisen Detektion von Fehlstellen inklusive schneller Prüfprogrammerstellung. Résumé Le bon fonctionnement de l’électronique exige une inspection fiable des vernis de protection. Le système d’inspection présenté est facilement adaptable aux exigences des différents vernis de protection pour une détection précise des points de défaut, y compris la création rapide de programmes d’inspection. Резюме Решение для автоматизированного хранения с контролируемым кондиционированием воздуха и реализация индивидуального интерфейса клиента, включая интеграцию дополнительных мест складирования, соответствовали требованиям бельгийской компании к полупроводниковым датчикам в автомобильной отрасли. 54 EPP EUROPE November 2020

PRODUCT UPDATES TEST + QUALITY ASSURANCE Bond Tester by F&S BONDTEC Source: Goepel electronic The new 3D AOI systems of the 3D XE series: Basic Line · 3D XE and Advanced Line · 3D XE. >> Fully automatic pull- & sheartesting by using most modern Pattern-Recognition-Software >> Reproducible test results and precision within a few μm >> BAMFIT - Revolutionary quick test Introducing affordable 3D AOI systems Large and small electronics manufacturers are subject to relentless demands for reduced cost and improve quality. To meet these demands, Goepel electronic has launched two new automatic optical inspection systems. The 3D XE series of AOI platforms are characterised by low acquisition costs whilst still delivering full 3D inspection functionality. The series consists of the stand-alone system Basic line · 3D XE and the inline system Advanced line · 3D XE. Flexible interfaces, such as Hermes or Pulse, allow production line integration of the inline version; for smaller quantities, the offline 3D AOI system with manual loading is an attractive solution. In addition, both systems can be used as full 3D solder paste inspection systems (SPI). Thus, configuration as an inspection island offers a highly efficient and flexible production environment. (especially for the Advanced line · 3D XE) 3D XE series platforms are controlled using the latest Pilot AOI software and MagicClick for AI-based, fully automatic creation and optimization of inspection programs. This functionality enables the system to inspect new assemblies within a few minutes and without any component library. This is especially important for manufacturing service providers with a large variety of products. It guarantees a high degree of cost-effective use even for the smallest of board quantities and saves up to 80 % of program creation and optimization time. Goepel electronic‘s 3D AOI systems, developed and manufactured in Germany, feature innovative hardware and software components with a very user-friendly operating concept. They provide a cost-effective initial purchase and are highly efficient in production operation. This opens the door for smaller electronic manufacturers to use the latest fully-fledged 3D-AOI technology. for lifetime of heavy wire bonds UPGRADED & UNIQUE Our SERIES 56i What‘s new? A lot - and yet everything stays the same. The new edition of the Series 56 has kept its basic features - high flexibility, combined with unique possibilities. A new control unit has found its way into the Series 56i. This enables faster and more precise travels, which for the first time, makes extremely fine wires up to 12 μm bondable on the machine. F&S BONDTEC Semiconductor GmbH Industriezeile 49a 5280 Braunau am Inn Austria 3D image acquisition by the Advanced Line · 3D XE. Source: Goepel electronic Phone: +43-7722-67052-8270 Fax: +43-7722-67052-8272 E-Mail: EPP EUROPE November 2020 55