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EPP Europe P2.2020

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NEWS + HIGHLIGHTS Enabling the digital world with integrated smart factory An automated smart factory has now become more important than ever before since the spread of Covid-19. Electronic manufacturers have had to learn how to modify their processes to be more resilient, by making significant changes to their productions. The EPP Europe team spoke with Gabriela Reckewerth, the Senior Director Global Marketing from ASM SMT Solutions, and discussed how the company has been affected by this year’s uncertainties and the changes they have noticed since the start of the pandemic. She further explained their commitment to their customers, even with the various restrictions set in place and their thoughts about the future market. Gabriela Reckewerth, Senior Director Global Marketing, ASM SMT Solutions. What has the company focused on for 2020? We continued following our innovation roadmap in 2020 and kept working on our developments for the integrated smart factory. The new Release 2020, which we presented in a major livestream event due to the coronavirus crisis, includes several innovations for our customers. For example, we introduced a new generation of the Siplace SX. With new placement heads, an open interface for connecting specialty feeders from third parties, new station software and a whole lot more, the Siplace SX has enhanced its position as a powerful solution for high-mix manufacturing environments even further. Other releases include the DEK TQ high-volume printer with more than 8 hours of ‘non-stop production’ and many innovations in our software solutions. The most important innovation in the software field is our smart factory suite called ASM Works. Source: ASM The pandemic has also posed new challenges regarding the ways in which we interact with our customers. Thanks to our advanced remote-service infrastructure, we were able to provide help quickly, and in most cases without having to even be on-site when something had gone wrong or the production had to be expanded. Currently, we are working with our customers to make their manufacturing and business processes even more resilient. With our knowhow and as the world’s largest equipment supplier to the electronics manufacturing industry, we are for many customers the supplier of choice when it comes to getting reliable support. While many suppliers were often involved with themselves, we were much more active and started many support programs for our customers. For example, with our “Time4Academy” initiative, we opened up our e-training platform to all customers for several months so that they could put the production stops during the pandemic to use by training their employees at no charge. This earned us a lot of praise from our customers, and the online courses and webinars at our SMT Centers of Competence were very well attended. What are the advantages of ASM Works, and how does it differ from your other software solutions? To network and integrate a production, you had to purchase, install and maintain many different software options until now. Projects to network your electronics production often failed because of software compatibility problems, which was not only troublesome but also very expensive. With our modular software suite of proven ASM software components, our customers can now build a solid foundation for their integrated smart factory – one that they can adapt in stages in accordance with their respective requirements and capabilities. The ASM Works Core base module provides the architecture that enables machines to seamless exchange data right away. Even orders and setups can now be planned for the entire factory, resulting in optimized shop floor management. And with currently eight upgrade modules, more smart functionalities can be added at any time and in any order. Since ASM Works integrates the individual software components into an overall concept, electronics manufacturers no longer have to worry about interfaces, compatibilities, data transfers between lines, or licenses and upgrades. All components are managed from a single launch pad. General configuration settings, such as shift calendars or roles and permissions, are administered centrally and automatically transmitted to the individual modules. All this makes networking and integration much easier, faster, and more cost-effective. 6 EPP EUROPE November 2020

NEWS + HIGHLIGHTS The DEK TQ stands for maximum precision and industry-leading performance. ASM now extends the function spectrum of its high-end high-volume printers even further. How important do you find smart factory solutions, especially with the effects of the Covid-19 virus? Companies that operate in a more connected and integrated manner have proven to be much more resilient and robust during the crisis. ASM’s concept of smart operator pools and our remote support solutions, for example, proved to be extremely helpful in minimizing personal interactions between employees in accordance with social distancing rules during the pandemic. Smart operator pools replace rigid team assignments, and the automatic transmission of data and information makes it much easier to work under pandemic conditions. I believe that there will be a huge boost in digital upgrades and modernizations after the crisis. In addition to efficiency and quality, companies will increasingly focus on resilience, a field in which ASM’s concepts for the integrated smart factory provide ways for making companies better and more robust in the ‘new normal’. Source: ASM Get Your Parts Cleaner, Faster, Safer Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid Next Generation Cleaning High-performance cleaning fluid for vapour degreasers. Safely cleans fluxes, oils and greases from most substrates. Contains no chlorinated solvents (TCE, MeCL, Perc or Trans) for environmental-friendly performance. Optimized for high-temperature cleaning. Nonflammable for maximum safety and easy handling. Excellent replacement for nPB and TCE. For more info: © 2020 MicroCare. All Rights Reserved. | MicroCare, the MicroCare logo, and Tergo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MicroCare Corporation. EPP EUROPE November 2020 7