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EPP Europe P2.2020

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NEWS + HIGHLIGHTS Source: ASM The ASM Works software suite paves the way to the integrated smart factory. Where are the most effects of Covid-19 in business terms (i.e. in which country, but perhaps also in which segment)? As a globally active group and technology leader in the field of SMT production, ASM was already positioned to master the extreme challenges of the pandemic thanks to its strategic alignment. Partly because of the unabated strong demand for electronic products, the crisis has affected us much less than many other industries. The same applies to the majority of our customers. Of course, every company has to contend with the new conditions, but many of our customers have developed creative solutions and are positioned better than their competitors thanks to their high degree of digitalization and automation. The global easing of pandemic-related regulations has an effect as well. We are seeing significant growth in some major markets. China is an example of this. There is also a noticeable increase in demand in Central Europe, as evidenced in the utilization of our Center of Competence in Munich that is operating at full capacity with lots of visitors and appointment requests. How does ASM see the developments of the future? What’s coming? Are there new developments planned for the company? ASM’s claim of ‘Enabling the Digital World’ sums up our mission perfectly. After the pandemic, the need for a sustainable and comprehensive digital transformation will become even stronger. This applies to our customers as well as to our own processes. Fortunately, we are extremely well positioned for this with our innovation projects and the new solutions we have rolled out in recent years. What will change, however, is that resilience will be a new dimension in the customers’ purchasing decisions, also with regard to the selection of suppliers and the way in which the parties work together. Which suppliers can I really depend on even in extreme situations? And which of my suppliers can fully maintain the scope and quality of their services through modern digital concepts when the next crisis comes along? These are the new questions that customers will ask themselves, and we as the world’s largest equipment supplier and technology leader want to provide the best answers to them. Thank you very much for your time Mrs. Reckewerth. What would you convey or suggest to your customers on how to optimize their production? Electronics manufacturers should keep transitioning to the integrated smart factory consistently and forcefully – maybe even accelerate the process. The pandemic has made it alarmingly clear how inflexible our old manufacturing concepts are and how quickly they lead to a dead end. The digital transformation, automation, remote access capabilities and smart operator concepts in combination with powerful and flexible machines and solutions make companies not only more efficient but much more resilient. The ASM Command Center automates the transmission of tasks and information to the employees. It makes rigid assignments to lines or tasks a thing of the past and turns operators into smart operator pools. Source: ASM 8 EPP EUROPE November 2020

NEWS + HIGHLIGHTS Appointment of Senior General Manager Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, announces the expansion of its global sales organization with the creation of an Asia Sales Department that covers the entire Asia-Pacific area including China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and India. Headed by Mr. Katsuhiro Eddie Ichiyama, recently appointed Senior General Manager of the regional headquarters in Singapore, this regional organization will support customers‘ production of highest quality products with the company’s high precision inspection equipment and autonomous process inspection system. In his new role, Mr. Ichiyama assumes responsibility for sales, application support, service, and operations in the wider Asian region excluding Japan, providing customers with access to Saki‘s total M2M solution: 3D solder printing automated inspection system (SPI), 2D/3D automated visual inspection system (AOI), X-ray automated inspection system (AXI) and their system software li- neup. Mr. Ichiyama is relocating to Singapore from Europe where, as regional General Manager since the founding of Saki‘s European subsidiary Saki Europe GmbH, he has been instrumental in successfully driving business growth in the European region. With the company’s high-quality inspection systems, he has contributed to the quality assurance process for quality-conscious customers from diverse industries including the power semiconductor industry. Katsuhiro Eddie Ichiyama comments: “Against the backdrop of the current Covid-19 pandemic, expectations for ‘connected’ technology in many areas have risen sharply, and the absolute quality of communication infrastructure has become a real challenge. At the same time, there is a growing need to optimize labor resources with a rise in demand for automated production solutions at our customers’ manufacturing sites. Saki offers a wide range of solutions that improve the efficiency and productivity of production lines Mr. Katsuhiro Eddie Ichiyama has recently been appointed to Senior General Manager of the regional headquarters in Singapore. with our automated inspection system that solve the problems our customers are facing, particularly those who have transferred production from China, South Korea, Japan, Europe and America to alternative Asian manufacturing sites.” Source: Saki Corporation Solutions for Electronic Assemblies and Systems Manufacturing together Meet the electronics manufacturing community at the SMTconnect and make contacts with international decision-makers from industries such as industrial electronics, medical electronics and automotive. Present your products and services and prepare business deals, for example at the special showcase areas EMS Park or PCB meets Components. Nuremberg, 4 – 6 May 2021 # smtconnect EPP EUROPE November 2020 9