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EPP Europe P2.2022

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» PCB & ASSEMBLY Another such system was installed at the end of February. This time, the company invested in a Versaflow 4/55 with six solder pots with y/z-variable double crucible, power convection and automatic nozzle activation for processing PCBs with a maximum size of 508 x 508 mm. Just recently, a service technician from Ersa was on site at the company for three days to help to, as D´Handschotter put it, “breathe even more flexibility and speed into the machine – whether in soldering or through appropriate programming.” The machine operators, who are up to date on selective soldering technologies, took a lot away from this visit, learning from a technician who has accompanied the machine since the start of its development and knows it inside out, down to the smallest screw. “The ED&A team is really fit [regarding] the process and continuously wants to get even more out of the machine, which of course benefits the customer in the end,” says D´Handschotter. “Factory of the Future” This is something that has also been recognized externally by the “Factory of the Future” designation, which ED&A received for the third time this year (as Zusammenfassung Ein belgischer Entwickler und Hersteller von kundenspezifischen elektronischen Steuerungen hat zur gezielten Erweiterung der Produktionskapazitäten den Maschinenpark um eine Versaflow Selektivlötanlage erweitert. Résumé Un concepteur et fabricant belge de commandes électroniques sur mesure a ajouté une ligne de brasage sélectif Versaflow à son parc de machines afin d’augmenter ses capacités de production de manière ciblée. Резюме Бельгийский разработчик и производитель индивидуально разрабатываемых систем электронного управления в рамках целенаправленного увеличения своих производственных мощностей расширил свой станочный парк станком для селективной пайки Versaflow. Source: ED&A Managing Director Gert D´Handschotter (right) with Aad Vermaat from Smans (Ersa agent in the Benelux since 2001) well as in 2016 and 2019). The award, which stems from an initiative by the Belgian technology association Agoria & Sirris, evaluates “seven pillars of transformation” every three years. “Of course, we make sure that our colleagues and engineers leave the manufacturing site once in a while in order to stay up to date, or to take a look at other productions,” says D´Handschotter. “For us, this is a fundamental part of it. We cannot stand still if we want to continue to be among the best in electronics manufacturing in Belgium and beyond. “A ‘factory of the future’ is not created by a great machine park alone,” he adds. “This can only be realized with the outstanding commitment of highly motivated employees – and in cooperation with our business partners at home and abroad.” When ED&A now looks back, ten years later, to the start of its own production, it is clear it has experienced a massive surge in development. Whereas, at that time, the company employed 25 to 30 people and generated five million in sales, today’s workforce numbers 110 and sales recently reached five times that amount. The fact that it manufacturers its own products means the company can respond to changes more quickly and flexibly from the development stage onwards. In the future, when new demands pop up and a renewed SMD line investment is on the cards once again, Ersa soldering systems will at the top of the list for ED&A decision-makers. “After ten years, we have gotten to know each other well, have a stable business partnership and know what our teams and systems are capable of – we are looking forward to the next decade and a strong continued cooperation,” says D´Handschotter. | 32 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

Adhesives manufacturer strengthens position in Thermal Interface Material (TIM) market Henkel acquires Thermexit business from Nanoramic Leading adhesive technologies provider Henkel has acquired the Thermal Management Materials business of Nanoramic Laboratories (Nanoramic) headquartered in Boston, MA, USA, and marketed under the brand Thermexit. Nanoramic, known until 2018 as FastCAP Systems Corporation, is an R&D company focused on developing high-end energy storage and thermal management technologies based on carbon composites. The acquisition strengthens the company‘s position in the growing Thermal Interface Material (TIM) market and expands its offerings for applications in highgrowing market segments that require specialized know-how with regards to heat management in electronics, including 5G infrastructure, semiconductors, and power conversion for industrial and automotive electronics. The Thermexit portfolio includes patented, high-performance thermal interface gap pads based on an innovative nano-filler technology. This technology provides unique materials with extremely high thermal conductivity and excellent stability. “Thermal management solutions are an important growth technology within our materials portfolio and play a major role to further drive innovations with regards to global megatrends such as connectivity, mobility and sustainability,” explained Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “The acquisition of Thermexit complements our existing portfolio with offerings in highgrowing market segments to further create value for our customers.” Source: Henkel The acquisition of the Thermexit business strengthens Henkel´s position in the growing markets for Thermal Interface Materials by expanding its capabilities in high-performance segments. By far the best 3D AOI solution ‹ 3D measurement capability at the highest state of the art ‹ Side-View camera solutions for expanded inspection capabilities ‹ Auto programming based on artificial intelligence Koh Young Europe GmbH Industriegebiet Süd E4 63755 Alzenau Tel. +49 (0)6188 9935663 E-mail: EPP Europe » 11 | 2022 33