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EPP Europe P2.2022

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PCB & ASSEMBLY » Product Updates Benchtop solutions Hot air rework system offers high thermal performance The new system can generate 900 watts of heat with a maximum temperature of 600 °C Benchtop solutions provider and member of the OK International brand, Metcal, has announced the launch of the new HCT-910 Hot Air Rework System. The company says the system is accurate and intuitive-to-use, with high thermal performance capable of meeting the full spectrum of application requirements needed for production and rework in electronics manufacturing. The new system can generate 900 watts of heat with a maximum temperature of 600 °C, expanding the capability of the HCT-910 beyond standard thermal demand applications to higher thermal demanding applications in military, defense, and aerospace, using highly metalized circuit boards. Source: Metcal The system incorporates a novel control method making it easy to quickly adjust the temperature and airflow rates without looking away from the application. In addition, a multi-color status light on the hand-piece is a visual cue to the operator regarding the “current status” of the unit. “The hot air system improves the user experience significantly by adding features such as ‘On-the-fly’ manual control which utilizes a single push-button knob to adjust, control, and quickly toggle between temperature and airflow. This intuitive design, in combination with accurate temperature, and the performance of the 900-watt heater, will improve throughput while controlling a tight quality process,” said Curtis Yamauchi, Product Manager at the company. According to the company, it can be configured for any worldwide standard voltage and power outlets. Advanced robotic technology Altus partner Promation USA launches robotic soldering platform Altus Group has announced that its partner, soldering systems specialist Promation USA has launched an intelligent robotic soldering platform called the Panda 500 Series. “The Panda 500 Series Intelligent Robotic Soldering Platform is designed for manufacturers seeking a high performance PC based in-line soldering system,” the company said. “Recently launched, the system is already receiving attention from Altus’ customers and several early orders.” “The robotic soldering momentum has been building here in the UK and Ireland, with many successful installations since we partnered with Promation USA several years ago,” said Joe Booth, Altus CEO. “Things will be going up a notch with the launch of the brand-new [soldering platform]. It is the most technologically advanced robotic soldering system on the market and incorporates much of the customer feedback over the last years and focuses on upcoming trends in electronics manufacturing taking this proven production process to a new level. “This unit is PC based, with vision assisted programming, barcode reading and automatic barcode driven program selection. It also includes fiducial recognition and keymark capabilities to control production risk and ensure the same high quality Source: Altus The company says the new platform is designed for manufacturers seeking a high performance PC based in-line soldering system soldering every time. These new functionalities come alongside the all-important networkability and data export for traceability which many customers in the UK and Ireland have been requesting to support their high-tech, high value production requirements. “The [new system] will be a game changer for many of our customers and we are looking forward to introducing it to our network of clients in the coming months as our first unit arrives soon.” Following two years of research, the robotic soldering system has been designed with a number of key features to assist electronics manufacturers. It has a 500mm x 500mm working area and is equipped with the same proven 180W power supply and N2 at tip and range feeding mechanisms. It also includes a new robotic end-effector design that uses dual articulating arms that mimic the human hand‘s dexterity. This allows the soldering iron or solder material to be removed independently from each another. 36 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

Selective soldering systems Sasinno debuts fully automatic screen printer Provider of selective soldering and turkey THT line solutions Sasinno has announced the introduction of its new H Series fully automatic screen printer. By separating the cleaning unit from the CCD camera, the company says the new printer minimizes the motor load and improves positioning precision and speed. Additionally, the double sliders ensure that the printer head is accurate and stable while the scraper runs back and forth. The programmable printing head and motor controls ensure precise PCB control. Additionally, the new screen printer offers automatic conveyor width adjustment, auto stencil cleaning (dry/wet/vacuum) and automatic 2D paste inspection. The Windows 10 interface is simple to learn and programme. Source: Sasinno According to the company, the new printer minimizes the motor load and improves positioning precision and speed by separating the cleaning unit from the CCD camera Innovaon Quality Customer Support PRECISION ASSEMBLY SMT FINAL DEVICE CLEANROOM Electronics Manufacturing Services Assembly of rigid or flex PCBs • Reliable soldering with N2 and vacuum soldering • Selecve soldering of TH components with N2 • Solder Paste Inspecon (SPI) • Applicaon of underfill materials • Ultrasonic welding of plasc parts • Laser cung machine • Laser engraving machine • Electrical tesng and programming Funconal tests • Precise assembly of complex & high density PCBs • Assembly of 0201 • Assembly of fine BGA, µBGA • Flip Chip – down to 80µm ball size • Final assembly of OEM products • Small and midsize series Automated Opcal Inspecon (AOI) • X-RAY inspecon • Thermal cycle tests • Pull and Shear Tests ISO 14644: Class 6/7 (US1000) cerfied clean rooms with microbiological control • Engineering test lab Full traceability in the producon processes • eDMS (Electronic Document Management System) • ERP&MES ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 cerfied CENTILLION LTD. ILIYA BESHKOV STR. 6A 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 439 88 80 MEDICINE AEROSPACE AND AVIONIC PRECISION EPP Europe INDUSTRIAL » 11 | 2022 EQUIPMENT 37