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Fly Punk - Issue 3

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TROUT WARS A NEW HOPE ― Richard Fieldhouse ― A s the new trout season will shortly be upon us here in the UK (15th March for some, 1st April for me ). I thought I would put finger to keyboard and jot down a few musing on what the new season will bring. It might be useful to look back at this article towards the close of the season to see what I achieved! Hopes & Aspirations I know from experience that the beginning of the season is usually a cold and wet affair, we all look forward to the opening day with huge anticipation and plan our strategy often weeks beforehand. Some anglers dutifully clean their rods and reels, buy new lines, flies and tippet. My gear is generally thrown in the back of the car and hardly ever cleaned! However, the one thing I always do every season is buy new tippet (and throw my old tippet spools away), I probably don’t need to anymore with the new advances in tippet technology, but I always do. I’ve also found that those first few weeks of the season often amount to me returning home cold and wet, with hardly any trout tempted to the fly. This season will be different! Here’s my plan: 1. Limit my hopes for the first few weeks and just look forwards to days out on the river (after all its got to be better than not being at the river)! 2. Use those first few weeks to hone my casting skills and practice specialist casts in those tight spots where the fish hold up in the warmer months. 3. I’m also going to have a play with a Micro Skagit setup on an ultralight 2wt rod (article to come in the next issue). Now is the time to perfect the casting and leader setups so I can get the best presentation possible. 4. I’m going to use poly-leaders this year (rather than tapered mono leaders), so now is also the time to experiment with setups. It’s one thing testing them out on grass, but we all know that they cast differently when on the water. 5. The weather here in the UK can be very changeable at this time of year. I’ve always found that so long as my feet are warm, then I’m much more comfortable when wading rivers. So, time to invest in some decent merino wool wading socks for those first few months. 6. Keep a fishing diary – Ok, maybe it will not be that detailed and recount my every move, but at least I’m going to try and note down the weather conditions and what worked (and more importantly – what didn’t). I can then revisit my notes next year, and at least get some sort of head start! Tactics As there will be very little dry fly activity in the first few weeks (except for a few sporadic Olive hatches in the early afternoons), therefore I’m planning on going deeper for those trout (which will not be so wary having had no real angling pressure for the last 6 months). To do this I will be using spider patterns of varying weights and sizes fished down and across, with maybe two or three droppers. Another of my favourite early season methods is to use the Duo method with a small (size 16 and smaller) nymph suspended beneath a dry fly (I generally us an Olive Emerger, just in case the fish are looking up). I have always found the Duo method is a great way to search water when you cannot see any fish activity. 28 | 29

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