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Fly Punk - Issue 5

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L ast week my partner Antony and I fished a large lake in the middle southern part of France. It was like many out there, a ‘big carp’ coarse fishing venue and the third time of visiting. However, we had it all to ourselves, set in the middle of the countryside with small stream tributaries to discover, this pretty place is full of wildlife and forestry with rolling hills, huge bulls and cows, large hairs, toads, butterflies and the odd wild dog. No one fly fishes it and so I was super keen to see what I could possibly catch with dries and nymphs. I already knew I was up against hooking a carp on a fly. Restricted swims and boilie fed fish who are rarely seen on the top presented a huge challenge. I can fish for ‘smallies’ all day long and relish stalking and searching out their hidey holes. It gives me the opportunity to try out a range of tactics with presentation, using micro gear, casting and just making the most of being in the moment. For me, this can be just watching the water and waiting, observing the weather changes, deciding precisely where my next cast will be or being d i s t r a c t e d by the giant hairy dragon flies and insects that whizz past. Rudd, roach and hybrids c r u i s e d around in small groups and fell for mini sedges and little black size 18 beaded leach patterns I had tied. I managed to wade in one shallow part of the lake to discover pockets of nesting rainbow perch guarding their round patch of cleared sand beds. Perch of the stripy kind, lurked in the shadows and the ‘poisson chat’ were apparently multiplying out of control. I aimed to catch a little French catfish on a big yellow jig nymph and to my absolute joy, I caught just the one! After 3 days of catching small to tiny fish I found a spot to at least attempt to catch one of the 20 koi in the lake. Armed with a weighted orange blob and 2nd cast, Wham! A bright orange fin and back zoomed off into the depths hooked on a size 16 hook. I kind of just froze with a look of ‘what do I do know?’ I just held the fly rod in both hands for 20 seconds before it probably just flicked that super strong head and got off!! I couldn’t help but enjoy the fact at least I saw the koi and I hooked it!

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