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Fly Punk - Issue 5

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Tench also cruise the

Tench also cruise the bottom of this lake and I tried and hoped and tried some more. I had one exciting take and line shoot out – was this my tench? carp? . . . . . another lost fish. After tackling bushes, reeds and trees, I discovered that evening a tick had managed to bury itself head first into my side and was quite happy feeding on my blood until it’s removal and demise. I am in my element squeezing through impassable looking shrubbery to access water more and more lately but after falling into a river and all alone on Xmas Eve and now acquiring a tick, I view this as a reminder to be happily more aware and cautious. It’s a wonderful learning curve and the wilder the better in my opinion. Back to the other side of the lake and a call comes through from Antony . . . . it’s the catch of the week I reckon – tench on the fly! We had both discussed liking the idea of fishing a couple of years ago and after walking Snowdonia Antony was adamant he wouldn’t be walking again the next day! So he suggested we tried something new - we went fishing for the first time on a very large lake in a boat. We had no clue about equipment and I had a phobia with touching the provided worm bait. We bobbed about the water casting the worm in here and there for 5 hours quite happily with the hope of catching something. It was time to head in and then it happened! A bend in the rod and I screamed with the thrill and joy of catching a large perch! This was the start of it for us both. At the end of this month we have both been fly fishing for a year and the fly rod is never far from the end of my arm. Fly fishing is a lifestyle choice for me. I am outdoors in the countryside somewhere near a river, stream or lake whenever I can. I am fascinated by my surroundings and enthusiastic to fly fishing for any fish! It brings me well-being and has opened up a new world of possibilities, experiences and surprises. 16 | 17

VIDEO INTERLUDE ... TSIMANE 3X - EPISODE ONE Untamed Angling has released the first episode of TSIMANE 3X — a series that will highlight the incredible jungle fly fishing for golden dorado that's to be found at Tsimane. Published: 30th July 2017

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