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Fly Punk - Issue 5

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SOCA GO HEAVY OR GO HOME ― stanislas freyheit― An old friend of Fly Punk, Stanislas Feryheit, tells us all about his adventures on the Soca river in Slovenia. Along with a helpful guide about which flies to use if you are erver lucky enough to fish it yourself. 28 | 29

T he Soca river looks like the cliché of the paradisiac river for any angler : crystal clear waters packed with big fish. If you’re keen on the dry fly, then you’ll have the three species of the Soca rising on your dry: Grayling, Marmorata (Marble) Trout and Rainbow Trout. But when it comes to nymphing, the Soca is a tricky river. It is really hard to assess the depth of a pool of crystal clear water, and most of the time, you will fish with underweighted nymphs, because the pools of the Soca are really deep, and of course, the biggest fish are always feeding on the bottom. Moreover, the powerful water currents of the Soca are twisted by counter-streams that are influencing on the drift of your nymph. So if you want to trick the big fish you will see on the bottom of the emerald pools, go heavy or go home! Ceramic flies and heavy tungsten nymphs will do the job from size 18 to size 6! Do not forget that Marmorata trout can grow very big, so they won’t be afraid by a heavy caddis tied on a hook n°6. Marmorata Trout are also known as Marble Trout, and they have an astonishing olive colored marble dress. Grayling are really hard to see on the bottom of the Soca, because they have this characteristic milky appearance, they are really unique graylings ! If you’re lucky enough, you might hook a one meter Marmorata Trout on the Soca, so if you do so, send us a picture!

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