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Fly Punk - Issue 5

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WELCOME No tweed, wicker

WELCOME No tweed, wicker baskets or trousers tucked into socks. Just a free digital magazine aimed at the fly fishing punk We warmly welcome you to the fifth issue of Fly Punk. It has unfortunately been a long wait, for multiple reasons beyond our control, but we thank you for staying with us during this tough time. Even though we have only been in existence for a short period of time we are grateful to have your support as our readership grows internationally and domestically. Throughout this issue we take you on an international journey, from the domestic rivers and streams of the UK through to the incredible scenery of Slovenia and even taking in some beautiful summer nights camping in the USA. Again, a really big thank you from the Fly Punk family to everyone who has submitted an article to us, there is only so much space in this issue so we promise that if you are not featured in this issue then we will put you first on the list for the next one. Through our extended hiatus we had a beautiful and picturesque trip to Slovenia, thanks again to Kevin & Rosie Smith of for hosting us and the wonderful food. We also spent a fantastic day out on the river with world renowned rod builder Renato Vitalini testing out the new Fly Punk official rod which you can read about later in this issue. Our day on the river with Renato was particularly eventful as although we didn’t catch as much as we could have, we had one of the best days out fishing that I have ever had and made new friends in the process. As always we are trying to extend the fly fishing community to reach new and previously unexplored areas so if you have a interesting story about fly fishing or are about to head out on an exciting trip then please let us know at As always we would be looking for new articles to conform to the fly punk ethos of “why you fish” then we would be happy to feature in a future issue. If you feel like you fit the ethos of us then feel free to contact us and we would be happy to talk to like minded people. Anyway enough talking, please enjoy our fifth issue of Fly Punk There’s a Fly Punk in all of us… Guest editor Jack Fieldhouse Email: 2 | 3

CONTENTS 26 6 14 SLOVINIA 2017 Editor Richard shares the highs and lows of his trip to Slovinia with Darrell ST ARMAND JARTOUDIEX Learn about some of the many delights of fishing in France with Jo O'Hara mike crawford― IT AINT ABOUT THE FISH... 20 22 TIPS ON FLY FISHING Mark Good teaches us all a few tips and tricks about fly fishing THE OFFICIAL FLY PUNK ROD Richard finally shows us the picutres of the Fly Punk rod, this one is a must see 28 Stanislas Freyheit― SOCA NYMPHING 26 28 32 36 IT AINT ABOUT THE FISH... Jeff Scoggin is back and this time tells us a story that goes beyond fly fishing SOCA: GO HEAVY OR GO HOME From the rivers of Slovenia, Stan teaches us how to fish deep all over again THE BOULDER FIELD, THE FLY ROD AND ME Jeremy tells one of his stories about fishing in a different place with some unusual creatures NEW YORK NYMPHING Fishing from the rivers and lakes of upstate New York, Mike crawford is back again 14 jo o'hara― ST ARMAND JARTOUDIEX Guest Editor Jack Fieldhouse Designer Jack Fieldhouse Proofing Aaron Good Contributors Jeff Scoggin Jeremy Clapp Jess England Jo O'Hara Mark Good Mike Crawford Richard Fieldhouse Stanislas Freyheit © 2017

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