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Fly Punk - Issue 5

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NEW YORK NYMPHING ― mike crawford ― 36 | 37

W atching television adventures of western guides floating on big famous rivers might have you thinking that the dry fly presentation is the fine art of the sport. But you just may be mislead. Here in Upstate New York we have been inundated with heavy rain for months. Rain has been the pattern that will not break and high turbid water is the "norm" on the regions' trout streams for the 2017 season. Anglers waiting for dry fly hatches of any consistent nature continue to be disappointed. The key to catching trout is nymphing. It is always the key to catching trout. Day in and day out. Here or anywhere trout exist. The fly rod is, to me, just a tool. Like a canoe brings me to wilderness, a fly rod brings me to trout. The right tool always does a more efficient and better job. And nymphing is really what a fly rod designed for trout should do well. High modulus fast action fly rods can push a fly, deliver a package, far, precise and accurate. But these attributes are often lost on the average fly caster. And throwing 60 feet of line, on a trout stream in the Northeast, is unnecessary most of the time. Rolling tungsten out, again and again, is the name of the game when the creeks and streams are high and turbid. It is THE mode in which the vast majority of trout are caught in high water. So before you purchase an expensive rod, consider where you will be fishing the most, and get a wand that will aid in learning how to catch trout in close with short and fast roll casts. Many fly fishing writers have depicted nymphing as highly technical, difficult fishing. I suppose it can be. But learning the fundamentals of how to fish a nymph is where each beginning fly fisher should start. Bounce the bottom, up close with flash-back hares' ears and other rubber-legged, heavy-headed flies. Catch trout. Sub-surface, every day, in mud and flood, right at your feet. Peace. Mike

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