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Fly Punk - Issue 5

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SLOVIN― richard f A s

SLOVIN― richard f A s anglers we always like to travel and experience different things in different places. The lure of faraway fish in strange lands are a common thought in the off season. It was while we were fishing for Grayling in the depths of a cold winter that Darrell Upton and I decided that we needed to fish somewhere in the sun! After a few conversations over winter, a chance meeting at the British Fly Fair International with a guide (Kevin Smith – and lots of googling, the photos of rivers and the fish they contained in Slovenia swung the decision. We were going to Slovenia in pursuit of Wild Rainbows, Grayling and the elusive Marble Trout. So, in early June we packed our rods and assorted gear and boarded a flight to Venice where we would pick up a hire car and drive to Slovenia (it’s only about a 3 hour drive). On entering Slovenia the scenery changed dramatically, gone were the plains of Italy and welcome to the mountain vistas of Slovenia. To say the anticipation levels rose in the car as the mountains approached was an understatement. We could not wait to see the rivers we have been avidly devouring photos of on 6 | 7

IA 2017 ieldhouse ― the internet. On entering Slovenia and winding out way up the mountain passes, we came across our first sighing of the famed rivers – we had to stop! The river was just as it was in the photos, a translucent green – we were spotting fish some 100 meters away from a bridge high above the river, to say we were excited about the 4 days fishing ahead of us was an understatement. We arrived at our accommodation later that afternoon and were greeted by Kevin and Rosie – who were to be our hosts (and guide) for the next 4 days. Based high up in the mountains our accommodation was first class, and the food and drink served up by Rosie was excellent – we would thoroughly recommend basing yourselves with Kevin & Rosie and exploring what Slovenia has to offer from Logarse – with Kevin’s local knowledge and Rosie’s food you will be well looked after. Immediately making us feel at home on our arrival we settled in really quickly – by taking a trip out to the local river to walk the banks (flip-flops were not a good idea Darrell)!

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