We have the help of football experts who analyse and publish their forecasts of the current days of the First Division of Spain, as well as shortly the league of Mexico and the league Argentina. 

Our experts also make predictions that you can take them into account in your own reflections.

If you are looking for some type of advice regarding your online bets in football, you should first consider the technique used by betting houses to achieve benefits, find the faults taking into account that no system is perfect, you can easily find a better option to obtain large profits. It is known that centuries of thousands of people around the world bet on football, however only a few thousand win continuously, and it is precisely these people who have found good strategies and the secrets of managing the betting houses and the failures in their systems. 

If you want to start with some advice, the forecasts and forecasts are excellent to be more successful in your bets since these people who write them are the ones who take the trouble to analyse the encounters previously, the players and all the different factors that surround can make the prediction of a result.

Finding tips for your sports bets is a pretty good idea, considering that the popularity of sports forecasts on the internet have increased. Many people find it satisfying to make money while watching their favourite sport. 

As basic as it may sound, it is about having a strategy and sticking to it, even a poor strategy is sometimes better than no strategy. 


1xbet betting house puts at our disposal a special function called ' Create bet ', with which we will have the possibility of generating personalized bets to any football match, both in advance and live.

As an example, we can choose several markets of a particular match and 1xbet would generate a single bet with the share of all our selections combined. Remember to checkout a football predictions website for proper guide.

'Create a Bet' offers on 1xbet

1xbet offers us the possibility of adding up to 6 different selections to build a single bet. In this way, we can choose from a wide variety of markets (as long as they are available for the game), such as:

- Meeting - Result (Rest or End).

- Number of goals scored.

- Players who will score (at any time, first, last, 2 or more, 3 or more).

- Both teams will score.

- Corners.

- Cards (total cards, player cards or red cards in the match).

- The trophy will be classified or lifted.

How to 'Create a Bet' on 1xbet

We have tested this betting creator and then we tell you the steps to follow:

- First we will have to navigate through the 1xbet website, select the option 'Create Bet' and click on "Add Selections".

- We will be transferred to the "Choose Market" page, in such a way that it will be added to our 'Create Bet' ticket to calculate the corresponding fee.

- If we are satisfied, we will select the quota of our 'Create Bet' coupon so that the bet is added to our betting coupon and we can confirm it there.

In this case, we will have the possibility of repeating the process until we combine 6 selections, automatically updating the final quota of our bet. From the "My Bets" section we can consult these "created bets".

1xbet Terms and Conditions

- The option 'Create Bet' is only available for football events.

- The maximum number of markets to add through the option 'Create Bet' is 6.

- The option 'Create Bet' cannot be combined with other types of bets made through 'Create Bet'.

- The option 'Edit Bet' is not available for any bet made using the 'Create Bet' function.

- If any market within a bet made with the option 'Create Bet' was cancelled, then the entire bet would be voided.

- The 'Offer of 2 goals advantage' promotion does not apply to bets placed using the 'Create Betting' option.

- 1xbet will not be responsible if the option 'Create Bet' is not available for technical reasons.



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