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FRCEM PRIMARY eBook (Preview)

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This new “FRCEM PRIMARY: All-In-One Notes” provides a comprehensive body of information important to an understanding of the Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Hematology, Pathology and Evidence Based Medicine required for the Primary exams. It remains the premier Emergency Medical textbook for candidates preparing for that exam. With the rapidly expanding base of medical knowledge and the time constraints, it is not always possible to read a comprehensive account of all the subjects or read individual textbooks in itself. A method needed to be developed where in all the information required for the primary exam could be summarized, concepts could be explained as well as all the information that could possibly be questioned about needed to be dealt with in a concise and precise manner. It was for these reasons, among others, that the primary book was first condensed in 2015. The initial idea was to serve as a ready source of well-crafted and informative topics that will be useful "on-the-spot" and that will prepare the reader for a more in-depth learning. The book's full-color format & the use of diagrams enables one to learn concepts in depth & at the same time provide a quick view of main topics that have been asked & could most likely be asked. The new layout and numerous additional colourful images and illustrations will aid the candidate to convert abstract information into easily retrievable mental images using the visualisation and association technique as well as make locating information easier.


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