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Critical Appriasal eBook (Preview)

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This small compilation provides prospective candidates a glossary of medical terms used in Evidence based-Medicine and a step-by-step approach to how critically appraise articles published in medical journals and guidelines on how to search for reports. The purpose of critical appraisal is to help the health care professional to read research studies objectively by identifying valid and irrelevant points, the strengths and weaknesses and the usefulness of a report and the limitations. Critical reading of research reports increases the practitioner's understanding of the research process. Doctors undertaking research of their own will eventually benefit from empowering their critical evaluation skills by assisting them to appraise their own research projects and enhance their skills at all stages of the research process from project design to writing the final report. Readers will be guided through the processes and provided with information on the factors that can affect the quality of the literature search and the research articles found. Exercises and past exams are inserted to reinforce the reader's understanding of the text.