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FRCEM FINAL Clinical SAQ eBook 1(Preview)

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FRCEM FINAL Clinical SAQ book, is designed to present concise, easy-to-read, practical information on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of conditions that present to the emergency department. The chapters emphasize the immediate management of life-threatening problems & then present the evaluation and treatment of specific disorders. In keeping with the curriculum spanning ST 1- ST 6 I have strived to provide the reader with a broad-based text written in a clear and point form manner. My goal was to not only provide practicing emergency physicians quick access to accurate and useful information that will aid in their everyday practice of emergency medicine but also mainly to help trainees throughout their 6 year training in Emergency Medicine. Because this text focuses on the practical aspects of emergency care, there is little discussion of the basic science or pathophysiology of disease processes. This is the only book of its kind available which covers the entire curriculum and helps prepare for the FINAL Clinical SAQ. The book will be useful to all practitioners of Emergency Medicine, including Physicians, Residents, Medical Students as well as Physician Extenders.

FRCEM FINAL Clinical SAQ eBook

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