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FRCEM Intermediate SAQ eBook 2 (Preview)

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The Royal College Emergency exams are no mean feat. Anyone who has gone through the process knows the extensive amount of knowledge one needs to amass for these examinations. The new edition of the SAQ intermediate comes at a crucial time in one’s preparation for these exams. This is a constant & fast evolving branch of medicine. As Emergency Medicine Doctors in practice we are required to be quick and efficient decision makers, taking carefully calculated risks but this can be done only on a strong knowledge base. It is exactly this that the College evaluates on, if as Emergency doctors we can make the right decision when the time comes. ​ The new edition of this book endeavours to do just that, prepare you on this journey towards the examination by giving concise and specific points on all topics covered by the syllabus of the Royal college. As new guidelines keep getting published, as changes in treatment and drug therapy keep evolving, it has been my constant endeavour to keep up with these changes.

FRCEM Intermediate SAQ eBook 2

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