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HOCHBAHN Annual Report 2015

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We link up Hamburg | Management | Management Report | Annual Financial Statements | Further Information PREFACE BY THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Henrik Falk Dear readers, An encouraging trend is continuing: the preliminary figures show that the HOCHBAHN has been able yet again to get more people where they want to go – 433 million of them, an increase of 1.5 percent. This shows that we are on the right track with our strategy and the measures derived from it to provide an attractive local public transport system. We are persuading more and more people to switch to travelling by bus and U-Bahn. And more people using public transport means at the same time less noise and air pollution, less congested roads and more efficient use of the limited space available in Hamburg. Hamburg has the ideal preconditions to develop in an outstandingly positive direction. This is why the population in the metropolitan region will continue to grow. This development opens up great opportunities, but presents enormous challenges. Infrastructure needs to be expanded accordingly. That is especially true of the rapid transit system, the backbone of public transport in Hamburg. For this reason we have pushed ahead with undiminished vigour with plans to expand the existing U-Bahn network, involving the extension of the U4 to Horner Geest and construction of the first section of the new U5 from Bramfeld via Steilshoop to the City Nord. The feasibility studies here are now completed and yielded a preferred variant in each case. Now that the “whether” of the network extension has been decided by the political authorities, the question in hand is the “how”. We do not see early and comprehensive citizen involvement in the process as an annoying duty; on the contrary, it presents an opportunity. The HOCHBAHN will therefore enter into a dialogue with citizens from the beginning. We want them to be able to factor their needs, expectations and intimate knowledge of the city districts into the planning process as equal partners. 8

Annual Report 2015 The aim is to guarantee the quality of life in our city in the long term. We are called on to play a major part in realising the ambitious climate protection targets set by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and in reducing noise pollution. We are a driving force in developing zero-emission buses. On our Innovation line 109, we have already been testing and comparing all the currently relevant innovative propulsion technologies under practical conditions for a year and a half now. In this way we can identify the advantages and disadvantages and pass on important findings to the manufacturers to help them develop their technologies. For us, intelligent mobility means complementing traditional public transport with options which, in particular, take account of the urban lifestyle of younger generations. They want to be able to go places on the spur of the moment. They are not so much interested in possessing the means to do that, just using them. And our complementary option is geared to just that feeling: switchh lets people switch spontaneously from public transport to a rented bike or car with no hassle, just by going into the web or a special app. That way you can be mobile without needing a car of your own. But intelligent mobility also means something else for us: racing full speed ahead to convert our U-Bahn stations for barrier-free access, with the support of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Fifty-six HOCHBAHN U-Bahn stations were already barrierfree at the end of 2015, and another eleven are being converted simultaneously this year – more than ever before in one year. Over 80 percent of the U-Bahn network will be barrier-free by the end of 2018. One of our contributions to making Hamburg a city worth living in where people can take a fuller part in life. A subject which concerns me particularly is the digitalisation of our world. This impacts on our private lives and is changing the work environment fundamentally and with breathtaking speed. I see that as a huge opportunity, especially for public transport and the HOCHBAHN. It makes brand new products and services for our customers possible, technological milestones such as fully automated U-Bahn services running at extremely short intervals can be realised. Let yourself be infected by my enthusiasm for the opportunities opened up by digitalisation! A decisive factor in facing all these challenges in the year just ended and our tasks in 2016 is knowing that we have the backing of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. We succeeded in keeping our cost coverage ratio at the very high level of 90 percent in 2015. That puts us at the head of the field in a national and international comparison. I would like to thank our employees in the name of the Management Board for the dedicated work they have put in. My thanks also go to the Supervisory Board, the employee representatives, the political bodies and the administrative authorities. All of them together have helped to make the financial year 2015 a successful one for the HOCHBAHN. This cooperation in an atmosphere of mutual trust forms an excellent base from which to master the challenges facing us. Yours sincerly Henrik Falk Chief Executive Officer 9

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