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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Special Feature Keeping

Special Feature Keeping Ahead of the Curve Gerdi Vogels highlights the importance of staying flexible in order to retain market leadership Gerdi Vogels CEO, Vogel's “Mounting equipment needs to extend the usability and experience of devices (...)” The field of TV mounting solutions and home AV furnishings continues to flourish and grow. But what are the key trends at the moment? We put the question to “the” person in the know – Gerdi Vogels, CEO of Vogel’s... Today’s consumer expects unlimited possibilities with new TV and Audio Visual devices. Mounting equipment needs to extend the usability and experience of devices based on personal preferences and needs. Our brand is about engaging consumers, moving them from a passive to active role in enhancing their entertainment experiences. In Western Europe we are seeing that more larger screens – even up to 80 inches wide – are being sold. We also see more white coloured LED flat screen TV’s entering the market. For both trends, we have solutions available. We offer a wide range of large mounts for different screen sizes and weights – that both turn and tilt. These are ideal for a group of viewers. For light coloured TV’s, we have introduced a special high gloss white wall mount. We continuously need to be flexible to stay ahead of changes and to stay in the lead in the markets in which we operate. You have a number of products for iPads and even PlayStations. How are these selling, and how is this sub-sector evolving? The RingO tablet mounting system is a success and has been introduced throughout the world as planned. With the iPad version, we first targeted the APR stores directly, and since this spring we have expanded the distribution throughout our CE retail base, via our dedicated business partners. We have solutions for all kinds of tablets. That gives consumers flexibility and adds functionality, everywhere in the house and even in the car. As TVs get thinner, it is becoming increasingly important for the mount to be sleek as well. How are you adapting to the new flatter TV styles? As you may expect from a company like Vogel’s, we had already anticipated the new flatter TV styles at an early stage. In 2010, we introduced the first Ultra Thin wall mount that has just up to 1.4” / 3.5 cm of space between the wall and the TV. It has been very successful. I am very proud of the fact that the THIN 345 wall mount has become the best selling item for over one year in GFK figures in Europe. We are now extending that line with more UltraThin wall mounts for smaller screens and other colours, which can be seen at IFA. Choosing a mount can be mind-boggling, it involves choosing the right TV brand, screen size and even TV type. Can you tell me how your website caters to these issues? Our main role as an expert in this field is to help advise the consumer to take away the hassle and insecurity they may be feeling. Many years ago we were the first in the market to introduce the FlatscreenFitter. In a few simple steps, we guide every consumer to a selection of wall mounts that fit their screen and functionality wishes. » HALL 25 / STAND 138 Gerdi Vogels Born and raised in Eindhoven, Gerdi grew up in a family owned company called Vogel’s Products BV. After obtaining a business degree from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, different positions in the company included area sales manager for Eastern Europe and marketing sales manager. For the last 10 years, Gerdi has headed the company as CEO. NEWS With almost 40 years of experience in wall mounts, Vogel’s can provide expert advice and a variety of products to enhance viewing for the largest flat screen TVs, even up to 80”! Turning this large TV, we demonstrate at the booth! Next to that a complete new line up of user packs for Vogel’s RingO has been introduced, including a new ultra thin wall mount with adhesive option. RingO is stylish and flexible, allowing iPad users to place their tablet virtually anywhere. And last but not least, to make it easier for retailers and consumers to find information about audio/visual mounts when they are on the go, Vogel’s has launched a mobile website. Vogel's RingO for the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1"! A universal bracket system to tablets on the road to secure your home or office safe...the beauty of the RingO is its simplicity - nestled in the holder is precision machined ring that secures your tablet securely in a number of mounts: Wall Mount, vehicle owners, flexible holder and adhesive holders. The user can enjoy music in the bathroom, reading recipes in the kitchen or watching movies in the back seat of a car. IFA International • Saturday 1 st & Sunday 2 nd September 2012 35

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