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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Thought Leadership Reaches New Heights at IFA 2007 Edition Kicked-off by Remarkable Keynotes and Conferences One thing’s sure. The 2007 IFA is much more than a trade show, with industry leaders imparting their thoughts and philosophies to audiences enthralled to learn the latest paths in their roadmap to a brilliant future. The leaders agree that IFA is a fantastic platform not only to look at what the competition are doing, but it’s also the best place to do business, and more than ever, to get valuable feedback from customers. Rudy Provoost, CEO of Philips CE echoes the others: “we are determined to redefine ourselves as a lifestyle company”. General trends are announced, with technologies Jewellery for the Home As part of a major move towards an enhanced design ethic, LG announced a stunning new design range at their IFA Press Conference. The idea? … According to LG, “to add design quality to home cinema maturing to the point today that design is again becoming a quintessential factor in products. Manufacturers are talking of “lifestyle, art, fashion and emotion” as the key driving factors in product development this year. For a close-up on some of the top conferences, turn to our “Conference Highlight” section – page 23. systems that make them distinctive while still blending in well with today’s homes… The design of the speakers, inspired by a sparkling wine glass, gives the series a sense of emotional feelings to consumers.” WEEKEND EDITION Saturday 1st September CONTENTS 01 > HEADLINE NEWS 06 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 11 > MEET THE VISIONARIES 14 > PRODUCT TRENDS 24 > CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHT 27 > TRADE NEWS 29 > GOING OUT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Simon Kang Executive Vice President, LG Electronics Head of Digital Displays Company "Our target consumers are the premium customers for whom design is the important factor..." See page 13 Dr. Jongwoo Park President of the Digital Media Business of Samsung Electronics “Samsung Electronics is passionate about developing products that offer real benefits to our consumer and business customers. Indeed, the user experience must exceed all expectations. Our current product range was developed and designed with this clear objective in mind.” See page 11 Bob Raikes President - Meko “So far, even though many have tried, nobody has been able to drive high volume through European retailers while keeping costs down to allow profitable and repeatable business.” See page 9

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