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IFTM Daily - Day 3

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IFTM Daily - Day

DAY 3 EDITION THURSDAY 22 ND SEPTEMBER 2016 HALL 7.2 / STAND G098 HALL 7.2 / STAND C056 INCLUS : VOTRE DOSSIER SPECIAL EN FRANÇAIS CONTENTS 03 PROGRAMME 04 NEWS 04 BLOGGERS’ TIPS 05 DOSSIER SPÉCIAL MARCHÉ FRANÇAIS 07 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 08 SPECIAL FEATURE: BUSINESS TRAVEL 09 REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: THE AMERICAS 11 WHERE TO GO IN PARIS # 08 BLOGGERS' TIPS ELISA DETREZ & MAXIME COQUARD Bloggers We first started a blog to share our incredible experiences in Australia. New Faces, New Business IFTM Top Resa is more than ever a major networking event in travel & tourism industries Entering Day 3 of France’s increasingly international travel & tourism trade event, it becomes more apparent than ever that IFTM Top Resa has become one of the key global networking events of the year. With buyers flocking to the show from all walks of the industry, existing contacts are nurtured and new contacts are gathered. Fresh ideas and concepts abound, and inventive ways to increase business efficiency are discussed. For each one, the reasons for attending the show differ, but all agree on the diversity and richness of the offerings available and the ideas to be had. One such example is Lukrecya Payen, Senior Global Travel Buyer - Global Purchasing - Global Supply Chain for Schneider Electric (pictured left) who is here “to find innovation: technology & big data”. # 10 REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: AMERICAS & CARIBBEAN # 11 WHERE TO GO IN PARIS JEAN-MARC FLAMBERT Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, UK & Europe, Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority Our regional strength comes from the fact that Antigua is really a hub for the Caribbean. IRIS MITTENAERE Miss France 2016 Le Marais is really nice; there are a lot of great restaurants and bars there, and it’s an excellent place for young people to hang out. Lukrecya Payen Senior Global Travel Buyer - Global Purchasing - Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric See our exclusive interview page 7 REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT THE AMERICAS In the Americas (+6%), according to UNWTO, all four sub-regions continued to enjoy significant growth in the first four months of 2016, led by Central America and South America (both at +7%). Arrivals in the Caribbean (+6%) and North America (+5%) were fuelled by continued strong outbound demand from the United States, where tourism expenditure increased by 9% through May. Read more from page 9 Human networking is perhaps more at the heart of the travel business than any other, and now, more than ever, the support and ideas of industry peers are key factors when it comes to “growing the pie”, so that each may have a bigger slice! Capitolio, Cuba