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Leh we make Salone grow! Issue 5

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This newsletter is brought to you by the President's Delivery Team. It contains news and updates about the President's Recovery Priorities. In this issue: Dr Minkailu Bah, Minister of Education sets out his vision for the education sector in Sierra Leone; the energy sector takes possession of four custom built transformers; we take a look at Freetown's dry season water supply plan; and look at MAFFS plans to make Sierra Leone self-sufficient in onions.

Four t ransform ers

Four t ransform ers arrive as part of w ork t o upgrade Freet ow n?s elect ricit y net w ork The rapid construction of the 66kV Wellington Express line ensured that 26,000 customers in the Western Area, remained connected to power during upgrades to the local network. Work continues with the arrival of four transformers earlier this year. On Tuesday 24th January 2017, a special cargo ship docked at Queen Elizabeth Quay to offload four custom built transformers. These will support, the President?s Recovery Priorities?initiative to double operational power generation capacity from 75MW to 150M. The largest of them is 40MVA while the other three are 20MVA each. They will be installed in four locations - Kingtom, Wilberforce, Ropoti, and Wellington. it is expected they will increase the transfer capacity of the distribution and transmission system; boosting EDSA?s operational and commercial performance and supporting access to electricity across the Western Area. transformers will break down and convert energy supplied from hydro and thermal sources to a required minimum before transmitting to homes, businesses and offices: ?This is a very important step in our energy sector strategy. These transformers will not only provide quality electricity but also connect more customers and provide backups in times of power outages in the city,? he said. According to Henry Macauley, the Energy Minister, the President ?s Delivery Team enlist s Sect ion Chiefs t o support dist rict delivery In Kholifa Rowalla Chiefdom in Tonkolili, Old Town Section Chief Amadu Lakkoh has full details on the new classrooms that are being built for TDC Girls? Primary School. The work is expected to be completed by 30th June this year. Chief Amadu Lakkoh can check up on the progress because the President?s Delivery Team has shared this information with him. As part of a strategy to further decentralise the President?s Recovery Priorities process and verify public service delivery in the districts, the President?s Delivery Team is sharing detailed section level information on a number of initiatives to be delivered by the Ministries of Health; Education, Science and Technology; Water Resources; and Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security. So like all the other section chiefs in the country, Chief Amadu Lakkoh also has precise information on boreholes, toilets, and insecticidal nets, if and when reforestation will occur, or drying floors will be constructed, which schools are entitled to school feeding and a range of other indicators. This allows the section chiefs to track delivery and report any issues such as delays or other challenges, to the President?s Delivery Team. Eighty-three percent of donor funding for the President?s Recovery Priorities goes directly from the funding partners to implementing partners. Encouraging the Section Chiefs to personally verify that these implementing partners have carried out the work they have been contracted to, is an important strategic development that supports improvements in public service delivery, increases confidence in the President?s Recovery Priorities process and its data, and empowers the district governance structure. Towards the end of last year, the President?s Delivery Team organised a tour of the districts where district representatives from the Ministries of Water Resources; Education, Science and Technology and Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, shared detailed information on initiatives taking place under the President?s Recovery Priorities, with Paramount Chiefs and their Section Chiefs. Between 22nd November and 9th December, the PDT visited 12 districts. At these events, 830 pages of targets at chiefdom and section level were distributed to 141 Paramount Chiefs or their representatives and 997 Section Chiefs or their representatives. Chiefs heard presentations from priority sector MDA personnel and were able to share feedback and concerns. Many had never before received such detailed information on public service initiatives in their communities. Commenting on the further decentralisation of the President?s Recovery Priorities, Saidu Conton-Sesay, Chief of Staff, says that the inclusion of traditional structures into the public service delivery process increases its likelihood of success: ?The traditional governance structure is an important reference point for large sections of the district population. It allows us to cascade important information on the Recovery Priorities into the districts as well as receive valuable feedback and verified data from the ground. By incorporating our Chiefdom structures within the President?s Recovery Priorities, we create a better environment for successful public sector delivery.?

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