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Sierra Rutile Ltd Staff Newsletter 1

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Staff newsletter produced for our client - mining company - Sierra Rutile Ltd

Sierra Rutile Ltd Staff Newsletter

SIERRA RUTILE INTERNAL NEWS VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 3 • MARCH 2013 ENHANCING EMPLOYEE SKILLS MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF OPERATIONS Towards the end of last year, Sierra Rutile's human resources department compiled its first ever five-year manpower plan. It was a substantial, but vital piece of work, which looks at the needs of the business into the future, so that we can ensure we have the right people in the right place, at the right time, doing the things that our organisation needs to do to continue to achieve its goals. Our manpower plan was also an important step in enabling us to identify the training and development needs of our staff, and the organisation. As a company, Sierra Rutile is committed to developing the skills of our employees, both for the good of the organisation and for the benefit of our employees. In the mining industry today, skills shortages are a key issue. A recent report summed up the challenges our industry faces as 'intense competition for talent from other sectors, accelerated loss of experience and skills due to maturing workforces, a significant reliance on contractors and the need to develop a sustainable local and diverse workforce'. The last point is an area that Sierra Rutile needs to particularly focus on. Skills shortages are one of Sierra Leone's greatest challenges. Many years of under-investment in education and training, coupled with the rapid growth of the mining sector mean that, more often than not, we have to develop the skills we need among our staff. Our recently completed dry mining operation is a case in point. New staff employed to work at the Lanti Dry were employed six months before mining began so that they could work alongside Consulmet, and their training continues until the Dry Mining Operation is fully commissioned. For our staff, our commitment to training and development offers each employee within the company a tremendous opportunity to improve their skills and develop marketable qualifications. But it is important to recognise that being given the chance to develop skills comes with a set of responsibilities. As a company, getting a return on our investment in training is a must; and our training and development programmes should have a demonstrable and sustainable impact on the business. Ensuring that is the job of the human resources department and line managers. They identify training needs and conduct SAFETY SCORE BOARD AS AT 11th March 2013 post-training assessment to ensure that our employees are not only acquiring skills that they need, but are also making use of the skills that FREE DAYS 111 they acquire for the benefit of the business. TARGET 300 Working for a better Sierra Leone PREVIOUS LOSS TIME INJURY (LTI) RECORD 205 FATAL INCIDENT FREE DAYS 1691

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