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Sierra Rutile Ltd Staff Newsletter 1

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Staff newsletter produced for our client - mining company - Sierra Rutile Ltd

2013 Q1 RUTILE

2013 Q1 RUTILE PRODUCTION VERSUS TARGETS - THRESHOLD, BUDGET AND STRETCH 30,000 25,000 20,000 22,849 21,745 25,217 RUTILE, MT 15,000 15,607 10,000 5,000 7,398 8,386 8,812 9,725 8,209 7,728 8,120 8,961 5,631 5,917 6,530 0 Q1 Totals Jan Feb Mar Actual Threshold Budget Stretch In February we produced 8,209 mt of Rutile which was above the budget but below the stretch target for the month. SGR product quality for the month was above target at 95.70% TiO2. INNOVATIVE IDEA OF THE MONTH This month’s bright spark is Human Resource Coordinator - Vincent Davies with his innovative idea for improving snake awareness and safety in the workplace. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Sierra Leone is home to at least 11 venomous snakes. Vincent Davies suggests that SRL’s EHS department should research the snakes that are found in the SRL operating area, and ensure that the clinic has the appropriate antivenom in stock at all times. In addition, workers should be trained about their risk of exposure, how to identify poisonous snakes, how to prevent and protect themselves from snake bites, and what steps they should take if they are bitten. Do you have an innovative idea that will have a positive impact in the workplace? If your answer is YES, management would like to hear about your ideas by completing the necessary form and dropping it off at one of our 6 (six) suggestions boxes. Your innovative idea can have a positive impact in any aspect of our working environment. Suggestion boxes can be found in the following locations: Mobimbi Dining Hall, Landing Stage, Maintenance Office, Administrative Building, Kpanguma Dinning Hall and Main Gate Security LET’S PUT IT TO A VOTE! Your staff newsletter is getting an update. It needs a new name and we’ve got five suggestions to put to the vote. We’d like your input, so please drop your choice for the employer newsletter name/title at the HR department. 1. SRL Gazette 2. SRL Guardian 3. Ti02 4. SRL Insider 5. The Rutile Reporter

VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 3 • MARCH 2013 SAFETY BITS Computer Eye Strain Eye strain is a form of eye discomfort that occurs when the eyes tire after doing a particular task for a prolonged period. As more people use computers in the workplace and at home, complaints of eye fatigue, difficulty focusing and discomfort are becoming increasingly common. Computer video display terminals do not damage vision, but can be a cause of eyestrain. Eye specialists advise: “rearranging your computer workstation, taking more frequent rest breaks, or getting proper glasses.” The ideal set up for your computer workstation is: Screen distance: You should sit about 20 inches (0.5 meters) from the computer monitor, a little farther away than reading distance, with the top of the screen at or below eye level. Equipment: Choose a monitor that tilts or swivels. Adjust them appropriately for the lighting in the room. Use a glare reduction screen on the monitor if need be. Furniture: An adjustable chair is best. The top of the monitor should be at eye level. Place the monitor on a stand if required. Rest Breaks: Take periodic rest breaks, and try to blink often to keep your eyes from drying out. Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break, and look away 20 feet (6 meters) to give your eyes a rest. Move them up, down and to both sides focusing on something at least 20 feet away. The computer may not be the only contributing factor, and an eye exam by an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) may be necessary to rule out the possibility of other eye problems. You may find you need glasses when working at a computer, or find that your prescription needs updating. SIERRA LEONE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE HONOURS SIERRA RUTILE FOR ITS ‘OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT’ Sierra Rutile Ltd was the proud recipient of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Award for Outstanding Achievement in Industry at this year’s 51st annual business dinner on 1st March. The award, which was presented by His Excellency the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, was given to Sierra Rutile for achieving outstanding operational success whilst maintaining its responsibility to its employees and the local mining community, and contributing meaningfully to Sierra Leone's economy. Thanking the Chamber of Commerce for the award, Sierra Rutile’s CFO, Yves Ilunga said: “This Award represents the achievement, dedication and hard work of every individual within the Company, and I am honoured to accept it on their behalf. “Sierra Rutile has been privileged to enjoy an exceptional record of achievement over the past two years. We have achieved record production rates, celebrated the successful completion of a new dry mining operation at Lanti, and started work on a further dry mining operation at Gangama. “Acting as a positive force in the communities around our operations, as well as in Sierra Leone as a whole, is a priority for Sierra Rutile. We are proud of the support shown to us by our local community and we are committed to continuing our investment in the area.” Working for a better Sierra Leone

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