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Sierra Rutile Ltd Staff Newsletter 1

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Staff newsletter produced for our client - mining company - Sierra Rutile Ltd


VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 3 • MARCH 2013 MOVING THE DREDGE Sierra Rutile's dredge was relocated 400 metres to a new section of the Lanti deposit on the 22nd March. It was a process that involved five departments, over 100 people and more than 60 hours in planning and labour. In a Q&A, Sylvester Zoe, senior mine planning engineer, explains how it works. How do you know when to move the dredge? The Company has conducted detailed geological mapping of the Lanti deposit and we are aware of the reserve and resource of the deposit. We know how much the deposit contains and how much is mined each month. Consequently we can predict how long the dredge can continue to profitably mine the same section of the dredge lake, and when it will have to be moved. How is the dredge moved? The dredge is usually anchored in position by three ropes connected from the dredge and buried on land. The front anchor is called the headline, and two lines on the sides are called sidelines. In order to move the dredge, the headline is removed from its existing anchor position on land and buried in its new anchor position. The same is done with the two sidelines. Then we winch the dredge navigating it into its new position using a winder to pull on the headline and sidelines. If necessary, boats serve as auxiliary aid in pushing the dredge to its new location. What else has to be moved? The product line linking the dredge to the wet plant also has to be moved. The product line pipes are suspended on the pond by pontoons, and we use boats to advance them to their new position. If necessary, the pipe length can be changed by adding or removing individual pipes to obtain the desired length. How long does it take to relocate the dredge into its new position? We start at 7.30 am and it can sometimes take up to 12 hours. Which departments are involved? Moving the dredge is the work of five departmental sections – Mine Planning, Land Support, Dredge Operations, Mining Services and Survey. How many times will the dredge be relocated in 2013? Three times. SIERRA RUTILE’S JOHN SISAY SHORTLISTED FOR EMERGING MARKETS CEO OF THE YEAR AWARD Sierra Rutile’s John Sisay was delighted to be recognised by the Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards held recently in London. Mr Sisay, was shortlisted for the Emerging Markets CEO of the Year award, following an exceptional 2012 for Sierra Rutile, in which we won AIM International Company of the Year, constructed a new dry mining operation at Lanti and increased rutile production by 39% on 2011. Commenting on the awards Mr Sisay said: “Sierra Rutile has had a tremendous year, as a result of the hard work and dedication of an extraordinary team of people and to be recognised in this way honours their work as well as my own.” The Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards recognise high-achieving listed companies quoted below the FTSE 350, as well as entrepreneurs, CEOs and intermediaries. LANTI DRY MINING COMMISSIONING The Honourable Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, officially opened Sierra Rutile's new Lanti Dry Mining Operation in January. The event brought local community, company employees and investors together in a two day celebration which included a five-chiefdom football tournament and a concert featuring Sierra Leone's biggest stars. Working for a better Sierra Leone

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