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Sierra Rutile Ltd staff newsletter 7

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Sierra Rutile Ltd staff newsletter

HIV TESTING ON SRL STAFF NOVEMBER 2013 HIV/AIDS is a critical workplace issue in Sierra Leone and Sierra Rutile, as a responsible employer, is taking the lead in the fight against it by organising a day of voluntary testing for staff as part of its contribution to World AIDS Day on the 1 December. According to Sahr Ngayinga, SRL Clinic’s HIV/AIDS Counsellor, three new positive cases were detected out of 210 personnel tested. A total of 124 male and 86 female staff voluntarily went through the HIV screening. The Counsellor disclosed that turnout for this year’s HIV testing among staff is much much encouraging, compared to last year’s figure. “This points to the fact that people trust the process particularly in the area of maintaining their confidentiality, and this has given them the confidence and willingness to come forward for the test,” he said. SIERRA RUTILE INTERNAL NEWS NOVEMBER 2013 Red ribbons were distributed to staff to show SRL’s solidarity with those who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic; and the process was complemented by the distribution of 5,632 male condoms to staff. An International staff going through the HIV Screening LANTI TEAM; SET TO ACHIEVE TARGET WITH UNBLEMISHED SAFETY RECORD Testing team distributing condoms to staff Headed by Engineer Obafemi Williams, the combined efforts of the dredge and the wet plant has, for many years, served as the company’s production power house, thanks to a team of innovative engineers who have worked tirelessly to achieve targets with the backing of their dynamic and resilient staff. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE MESSAGE FROM ANDY TAYLOR, HEAD OF OPERATIONS 2013 has been a testing year for us here at Sierra Rutile, no question; but it has also been a year in which we have come together as a team and successfully shown just how much potential for success there is within this company. As an organisation, the health and safety of our workforce is our paramount concern; so to have successfully gone for over 365 days with no lost time due to injuries is a superb achievement and one that every single individual working for Sierra Rutile can lay claim to. It indicates the positive impact of the daily toolbox talks, the care and attention that each member of staff is paying not just to his/her own personal safety, but to the health and safety of our colleagues so that we can all return home to our family, friends and communities at the end of the day. Obafemi Williams has worked in the mining industry since 1980 and has a degree in Mining Engineering from Germany. He joined SRL in 1990 and has been highly involved in many aspects of the company’s operations from Lanti to Nitti. “Despite the three-week shut down for maintenance early this year, we are determined to achieve target, and the team has been proactive and innovative in achieving this with an unblemished safety record,” he says.” With operations now in the fourth and final quarter of the SRL mining calendar, many positive innovations have been injected into the production process leading "My to name to an is increase Lucy Sesay, in plant I live through-put. at Kangahun/Morcharles In October 2013 village the in production Bengelor team Section, made Lower a phenomenal Banta Chiefdom achievement Moyamba by exceeding District. I am the 33 monthly years old stretch target, married with with an excellent two children. SGR product My group's quality name of 95.1% is Gbomuma TiO2. Savings Group. We are 22 in number and I am the collector. We have saved Le 460,000. We are using this money currently for petty trade. We are engaged as a group in fish trading from our own savings. The profit is equally shared to all group members in order to boost their savings capacity. We have never been engaged in such a practice. In the past, we have not been saving due to our knowledge that savings was meant for the rich only. Thank God CODOHSAPA has introduced the idea of “save as you earn" or “based on your income capacity”. I am appealing to CODOHSAPA and partners to extend the programme to our neighbouring communities so that they too can benefit equally." The effectiveness of our programme to tackle HIV/AIDS in the workplace is another indication of the care that Sierra Rutile has for its employees and that they have for each other. Results showing that most staff know the causes of HIV infection and how to prevent it, and that the prevalence of HIV amongst SRL staff and contractors has stabilised at 2.4% is highly encouraging. By the next evaluation, we should expect to begin to see a reduction in that figure. Operationally too, we have shown what we are capable of. At the 2011 TZMI Conference, in our presentation to the audience of professionals from the international titanium and zircon sector, we highlighted our focus on investing capital into optimising existing operations; the Lanti Dry Mining operation was due to commence at a total project cost of million and we underlined our near-term expansion opportunities to grow rutile production by 90% within 2 years. Two years later, presenting at the TZMI 2013 conference, we were able to say that we had fulfilled all those promises. Our overall process recovery has increased by over 30%; in January we celebrated the completion of the Lanti Dry Mining operation, on budget and ahead of schedule; and we have increased our rutile production rate by 91%. Our contribution to the communities in this area is also to be proud of. We’ve initiated a Livelihood Restoration Programme to help women in the surrounding mining communities improve their standard of living through economic activities; we’ve funded training for local secondary school teachers; refurbished and built schools, mosques and other community buildings; and our local road network is safer and more efficient. In June we launched our ground-breaking Localisation Plan demonstrating to Sierra Leonean and international businesses the achievable and desirable possibilities of a sustainable workforce of skilled Sierra Leone nationals. The hard working Lanti team Together, we have accomplished remarkable things over the last two years, and with those achievements should have come the confidence in our ability to continue our transformational journey and become an organisation that has a future as bright as its past. SAFETY SCORE BOARD AS AT 30th November 2013 FREE DAYS 375 TARGET 500 PREVIOUS LOSS TIME INJURY (LTI) RECORD 205 FATAL INCIDENT FREE DAYS 1954

Rutile Mining November Lanti Communities Operations Increased Chiefdoms Agricultural Achieve


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Rutile Mining November Lanti Communities Operations Increased Chiefdoms Agricultural Achieve